Saturday, May 28

Now Netflix lets you view partially downloaded content | Digital Trends Spanish

From now on, Netflix will allow Android users to watch content offline even if it has not finished downloading completely.

This is convenient and practical for those people who were getting ready to watch a series or movie that they had left downloading, but could not do so since the download was not carried out in full.

The company explains that this will allow subscribers to enjoy their favorite content and continue downloading once the internet connection is restored.

“We’re always looking for ways our members can more easily access their favorite shows and movies, regardless of language, device, connectivity, or location,” explains Keela Robison, Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix.

Although for now this new function is available only on Android, the platform anticipates that it should also soon reach iOS devices.

It should be remembered that Netflix introduced the possibility of downloading content in 2016, as a way to help those who did not have constant access to the internet.

It is also useful for those who frequently move or live in remote areas.

Since then, the company has made other improvements to the download experience, such as the ability to automatically delete stored episodes that have already been viewed and replace them with the next one in the series.

Now, with partial downloads, Netflix will ask you to download the rest of the title that you have already started to watch when you reconnect. This content can also be found in the “download” or “continue watching” tabs.

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