Wednesday, January 26

Now they assure that Bill Gates was very assiduous to the parties | Digital Trends Spanish

Some unexpected details about Bill Gates’ life are emerging after his divorce was made public. For example, that during Microsoft’s early years as a large company, Gates was very interested in everything to do with parties.

According to various authors From both biographies and articles of the time, Bill Gates was a person who got drunk very easily. In addition, it was recurring to see him attend parties that were given in the context of technology fairs, events that Gates attended as a speaker.

Sometimes these parties ended in the pool at his house with friends or dancers from nightclubs who met on site. In addition, it is added that while Bill Gates wanted to marry Melinda French Gates, he was unsure about committing to her while he was the leader of Microsoft.

Those who knew the internal of the company in those years, say that the positive image of Bill Gates was thanks to his representatives and that his behavior was not as neat as believed.

Despite the above, current Bill Gates advisers deny these accusations and say that they are all lies, fueled by the media event that turned their divorce. However, the same Gates spokesmen acknowledged an extramarital affair with a Microsoft employee, more than 20 years ago.

The end of the marriage between Bill and Melinda Gates was made public in early May from 2021 and since then, the biggest questions have been related to the work carried out by the philanthropic foundation that both founded. But so far, ex-husbands have ensured that everything the Gates Foundation does will go ahead unchanged.

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