Sunday, October 2

Now you can play Sonic and watch TikTok on a Tesla | Digital Trends Spanish

Tesla vehicles are being updated with new features for their inflight entertainment system, including integration with the social network TikTok and also a version of the classic video game. Sonic the Hedgehog.

This update corresponds to the so-called Holiday Update, it was published by a user on Reddit and includes many new options and features for the user interface, starting with a customizable application launcher to suit the user; from now on, it’s just a matter of holding down the icon with your finger and dragging it to a new position in the menu bar.

At the same time, certain vehicle controls have a somewhat more simplified interface, especially in what has to do with “navigation, media files and the most used main controls”. But without a doubt, one of the most useful features added in this update is the automatic blind spot camera, which will now be activated without the user having to intervene and just by turning on the turn signal.

Regarding TikTok, the functionality is very simple and direct: now, you can see the videos of the social network directly on the vehicle screen; TikTok icon is added in Theater section. And refering to Sonic the Hedgehog, This is the original game that can be played with a controller via bluetooth connection. Sonic It is not the only game that is added, yes, since a sudoku game will also be available.

The full list of changes in this update is quite extensive and the above is just a summary of the new features of the Tesla, some more useful than others. Because without a doubt, most drivers will appreciate that the blind spot camera activates automatically, while Sonic o TikTok is nothing more than a curiosity that can even be dangerous.

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