Saturday, December 4

Now you can replicate the first iPhone with a USB-C port at home | Digital Trends Spanish

Not long ago, an engineering student named Ken Pillonel added a USB-C port to an iPhone X by reverse engineering. Now, Pillonel is auctioning that modified iPhone X with the new port on eBay.

At the time of writing this article, the auction price was $ 4,950 And, with still a week to go before the sale ends, there is no doubt that this number will increase despite restrictions on the use of the equipment.

These limitations indicate that the mobile must be used as received, without restoring it from the factory or opening it. Ken Pillonel guarantees that the iPhone X will work fine in its current state, but that if the recommendations are not followed it is likely that something will fail and that there will be no support or help to revive it.

The 64GB iPhone X auction includes, in addition to the phone, free worldwide shipping and a 30-minute call with Ken Pillonel in case the wealthy new owner of the phone has any questions.

Moreover, the project documentation found on GitHub and under the WTFPL license, which means that you can basically do whatever you want with your content: distribute it, modify it, copy it and reproduce it verbatim. And according to its author, “nothing in this repository belongs to or is part of Apple’s intellectual property.”

Additionally, Ken Pillonel posted a new 14-minute video in which he explains in greater detail how he went through the entire process of integrating a USB-C port to the iPhone X, from initial concept through testing, reverse engineering, and installation. insertion of the electronic components necessary for replace the Ligthning port of the phone.

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