Monday, February 26

Now you can share and stream your photos on Roku | Digital Trends Spanish

Roku devices offer various customization options, which has become one of their most attractive elements. Now a new update promises more and better tools for users.

The arrival of Roku OS 11 in the coming weeks will give people a host of new customization features. One of the most outstanding is the possibility of changing the screen saver to show the user’s images and photographs, which will be possible thanks to Photo Streams.

This tool will not only allow you to display desktop or mobile device photos on Roku, but you can also share those records with other Roku device owners.

Thus, once a stream is shared, other people who use Roku will also be able to add it, which would allow the option of creating albums in a shared way.

Other news

Roku OS 11 will also introduce a new menu called “what to watch on Roku” that can be added to the home screen menu. This will display a number of suggested movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed on the device.

Also, starting with this update, the Roku mobile app will display additional information about the different content, including more details on how to access it for free or through the various paid services that exist. This new resource will display official images of the production, as well as data on the cast and the technical team behind it.

“We recognize that not everyone interacts with their television in the same way, so we are proud to offer a platform full of options, while providing our users with an easy-to-use experience,” said Gidon Katz, vice president of product and experience at Roku.

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