Monday, October 3

Nueva Canarias tries to re-register in the party registry and attributes not presenting its accounts to an “internal mistake”

The Secretary of Organization of Nueva Canarias, Carmelo Ramírez, has indicated this Tuesday that they are carrying out administrative procedures to re-register in September in the registry of parties as Nueva Canarias.

The National Court understands that Nueva Canarias has not been active as a political party since 2017

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In statements to journalists, Ramírez has blamed an “internal mistake” for not having presented the accounts to the Ministry of the Interior by prioritizing the presentation of the electoral accounts. “It would not be a new game. We will always be able to form a new party, but the objective is to continue being Nueva Canarias because now we meet all the requirements”, defended the Secretary of Organization of NC.

Thus, he recalled that in 2019 there was a very intense electoral period with five elections in a row, a moment in which, he pointed out, “priority was given to the electoral accounts, which were presented and accepted, so that the The Ministry of the Interior has provided us with subsidies until a month ago”, he said.

Regarding the conservation of the name, he has insisted that having presented himself as an electoral coalition it is “guaranteed” that in the following elections they can concur with that name, although he has expressed that the main thing now is to provide all the documentation that proves that the party It has been operational, such as the modification of the statutes or the holding of two congresses.

He has also clarified that all the party’s workers are receiving payments and contributing and all obligations are being covered “because the party exists.”

“Another thing is that due to a bureaucratic error we have been excluded from the registry. When we prove that we exist, we hope that there will be no difficulties with being registered again”, he highlighted.

Ramírez recalled that, according to the ruling, NC did not function or did not exist, “just like thousands of other parties that do not function” despite having obtained representation in all the elections in which they had been presented or receiving funding from the Ministry itself. inland.

“The basis of the sentence was not the non-presentation of the accounts, but the non-adaptation of the party’s statutes, something that we did just after the 2017 and 2022 congresses were held. Nothing came to the party leadership and we did not find out. of the opening of the judicial file”, lamented the Secretary of Organization of NC.

In this way, it has indicated that they will file a lawsuit once they have access to the judicial file to be able to defend themselves with respect to the sentence that points to the extinction of the registry party for not having operation.