Monday, May 29

Nuevo León expects support from the Federation in the face of drought

Nuevo León expects support from the Federal Government to face the drought it is experiencing, given the low levels of the dams that supply water to Monterrey and its metropolitan area, where more than 85 percent of its total population resides.

Juan Ignacio Barragán, director of Water and Drainage of Monterrey, informed that the state government asked the Federation to activate the declaration of emergency due to the continuation and the low level of storage of the state’s dams.

The manager assured that the request was made in writing and was delivered the second week of January this 2022.

In a videoconference organized by the Vertebra group, Barragán ruled out that water cuts for human consumption will be resorted to, although residents of some neighborhoods in the Monterrey metropolitan area have complained about some suspensions in the service.

The three main dams in Nuevo León have suffered a drop in their storage level since last year due to the lack of rain in the entity.

According to company figures, the Cerro Prieto Dam reported last week that it was at 10.06 percent full, while La Boca at 28.05 percent and El Cuchillo at 54.49 percent, that is, a global average of 44.66 percent.

The official explained that the main argument for requesting the emergency declaration is that the average filling of the three dams is less than 46 percent.

“This procedure has already started, we hope that Conagua gives us good news in the coming days,” said Barragán, noting that they expect a response in the following weeks.

“The main advantage (of the declaration of emergency) would be that the assignment of drilling and equipping wells under an emergency scheme would be facilitated.”

Last week, the local Congress asked the state government to issue a declaration of drought before the National Water Commission so that Nuevo León could be considered for an emergency declaration.