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Nvidia finally stops supporting Windows 7 | Digital Trends Spanish

Nvidia’s new video card driver update finally outpaced old operating systems: version 496.13 of the drivers GeForce Experience comes with support only for Windows 10 and the new Windows 11, leaving Windows 7 and Windows 8 behind.

These new controllers arrive optimized for the game Back 4 Blood, premiered today October 12. And they cover a long list of video cards, from the newest RTX 3090 to the older Geforce 700 series; however, they must all run on Windows 10 (or Windows 11) in order to update to the latest version of the driver.

Now, the situation is neither surprising nor sudden: last June, Nvidia warned which would stop supporting Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. According to a company post – which was recently updated by removing the quote below – “most of our Geforce card users have already migrated to Windows 10” and therefore Nvidia will focus only on the newer operating system. to “ensure the best support, security and functionality.”

Beyond the reasons that Nvidia may have, the truth is that the Steam data is very relevant because it reveals that players who are still with old operating systems they’re very few: only 4.8 percent of users with an account on the platform are still with Windows 7, while less than 1 percent of people have some version of Windows 8. On the other hand, Windows 10 is the absolute dominator with more than 90 percent of users.

Therefore, and from that point of view, Nvidia’s move seems more than correct. In any case, there will be some updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8 until 2024, but they will be less than usual and oriented to critical and specific security details.

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