Friday, September 30

Nym, protocol for privately browsing the Internet, launches testnet

Key facts:
  • Nym’s testnet includes a token that emulates the economics of the decentralized internet.

  • With this network, Bitcoin wallets can connect to the Internet privately.

Nym, a protocol that mixes and obfuscates user data when browsing the Internet, already has a definitive and permanent test network.

With this protocol, users can access the Internet without submitting their browsing data, and run applications such as wallets and nodes Bitcoin with high privacy and confidentiality benefits.

The network is named Sandbox, and is literally a “sandbox” for conducting experiments with the Nym protocol, according to the official announcement:

“Sandbox is a permanent testnet that will run alongside Nym’s mainnet. As its name implies, Sandbox is a sandbox for developers, privacy researchers and for those who want to try Nym before integrating their applications to the main Nym network to achieve the privacy that it provides to the metadata ”.

Nym, Internet privacy protocol.

Thus they clarify that this network will be the test space where developments will be evaluated before launching them on the main Nym network.

The Blockstream Green wallet can be used with Nym, they show. Source: Nym

Fair incentives favor privacy and decentralization

Unlike the Tor network, a fairly widespread privacy solution on the Internet, Nym has a network of nodes incentivized through a token, which is obtained through the work and persistence (reputation) that they carry out over time.

This testnet will continue to operate even after the final launch of the mainnet. It has a native token that, although it is not useful in the real world, will allow you to emulate the economy of this protocol so that users know it before having the final version of the network.

In Sandbox, the incentives will work in the following way: because the current demand for the network is very small, it is possible that there are more nodes than are generally needed.

To prevent inactive nodes from deserting the network, and that users always opt for active nodes, tending towards centralization, incentives will be distributed both for active nodes and for passive nodes (stand-by nodes).

The nodes will change their status (active or passive) in periods of 1 hour (epoch), allowing everyone to take turns daily mixing the browsing data, having the same opportunity to obtain the platform token as a reward.

“In Sandbox, and most likely when starting the mainnet, we will choose 720 active merge nodes per epoch (every hour) in the reward set. Of those 720 nodes, 300 will be active — routing the traffic, while the other 420 will be in passive mode, ready to be used when demand for the mixnet increases in the short term. “

Nym, Internet privacy protocol

Regarding the reward system and the monetary base of the protocol, they indicate that they will have a maximum issuance of 1,000 million tokens, both in Sandbox and in the main Nym network.

“We have a maximum emission of 1 billion in Sandbox (testnet) and the main network of Nym. 250 million will be put in a fund (pool) called “mixmining”. The pool will distribute the rewards to the active nodes periodically. More precisely, every month 2% of the funds in the pool will be distributed to the active nodes. These rewards will be delivered individually to the mixing nodes according to the Nym mixing algorithm, taking into account the performance of the node, its time online, its connectivity and reputation levels ”.

Nym, Internet privacy protocol.

From your code repository you can download the Nym’s wallet, as well as his mixing node software, they indicate.

CriptoNoticias reported earlier this year on how with the Nym network Bitcoin wallets can be used anonymously, avoiding establishing a direct connection between these applications and the Internet, an improvement that encourages decentralization and the diversity of privacy options and tools for users and software operators.