Saturday, December 10

Obama’s joke about Republicans and taxes that also works for the PP

There are nearly 6,700 kilometers between Madrid and Wisconsin, although if a Spaniard had sneaked into the North Division Institute in Milwaukee yesterday, he would have thought, confused, that he was listening to a leader from his country. The former president of the United States, in a speech for the mid-term legislative elections, yesterday launched a joke against the Republican Party that could perfectly serve the Spanish Popular Party.

“An asteroid is heading towards Earth – the former president began – and it is going to land in, say, two weeks. If you walk into a Republican caucus and ask them: what do you want to do? Well, what we need is a tax break for the rich, they’ll tell you.” “That will help, they will say,” continued Obama, who said, to the laughter of the public, that he was only “slightly” exaggerating.

Obama, who is focused on the Democratic campaign for the mid-term legislative elections in the North American country, which will be held on November 8, used this joke last night in that city in the state of Wisconsin, in the northeast of the country, to criticize the The only economic policy that, in his opinion, the Republican Party has, is “lower taxes”. “That is their only economic policy. The only one. And it has also been his only economic policy for the last 20 years, ”continued the US president between 2009 and 2019.

His criticism of the Republicans’ economic recipes could fit perfectly in many countries, including the United Kingdom, where former Prime Minister Liz Truss’s tax cut program swept her away in a matter of weeks, but also in Spain. The PP has used tax reductions to adorn its electoral programs and that economic policy has been the most important proclamation of Alberto Núñez Feijóo since his arrival in Genoa, so much so that he even shouted “let taxes be lowered! Already!” at a recent meeting of his party.

Despite the fact that the fall of Liz Truss has forced the Spanish conservatives to qualify their discourse on these “massive” tax reductions, in Andalusia the government of Juan Manuel Moreno has just abolished the regional Wealth Tax. The measure benefits the 20,000 richest people in the region and will entail a bite in the public coffers of 0.6% of the collection: 95 million euros less than the total tax income.

In Madrid, Ayuso, champion of the downward fiscal race within the PP, approved a few months ago a tax reduction in the regional section of personal income tax that reduces regional collection by more than 300 million euros. His goal now is to approve a gift and inheritance tax deduction between uncles and nephews and between siblings.

“It would be nice if for any problem we had there was a single answer. You, the youngest, imagine that you go to school, to a math test, and you put the same answer in all the questions. And you get a 10! But that’s not how the world works,” said the former president of the United States yesterday.

At the rally, Obama also recalled some exploits of Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson that sound similar to those of the national right. The senator, who is a candidate again, supported Donald Trump’s tax reduction plan in 2017, which provided juicy tax benefits for the purchase of private planes. A benefit that he recently took advantage of the company of his son Ben.

The Democratic leader then came out of his ironic tone. “Some of you have social security, some of your parents, of your relatives. Why? Because they have worked for it. They have calluses on their hands, pain in their backs and knees because they have worked long hours to earn that social security. And if Ron Johnson doesn’t get it; if he is more for giving tax breaks to private planes than ensuring that seniors who have worked all their lives deserve to retire with dignity and respect; if he is not thinking of you, if he does not know you and does not look after you, then he does not deserve to be a senator from Wisconsin, ”he closed.