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Occupational accidents increased by 15% in Catalonia during 2021

Catalonia registered 201,153 work accidents during 2021, 15.2% more than in the previous year. Of these, 184,448 occurred during the working day, while the remaining 16,705 occurred while the worker was going to or coming back from work, according to data published by the Labor and Productive Model Observatory, collected by the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO).

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Among accidents during the working day, almost half (49%) resulted in temporary disability. On the other hand, throughout 2021 there were 69 fatal accidents, 12.6% less in year-on-year terms. As for the number of minor and serious work accidents, on the other hand, increases of 21.2% and 6.8%, respectively, were recorded.

Within the fatal accidents, CCOO highlights that 35% were caused by non-traumatic causes related to elements of work organization, such as pressure or workload, and not safety issues. As for the accidents that occurred while the employee was traveling to work, 16 of them were fatal, five less than in 2020.

By gender, the majority of fatal work accidents were suffered by men. Specifically, 63 of the deaths registered in 2021 correspond to men, while five correspond to women. However, the number of fatal accidents among men decreased by 19.2% in year-on-year terms, while in women it went from one death in 2020 to five in the last year.