Tuesday, October 26

October 12 in the ultra shade

Sunny day. 17th. The Parade of the National Festival in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid seems to be celebrated with much lower temperatures. The greatest ardor is put by the traditional facherio that expressly goes to whistle, boo and insult the president-elect of the Government whenever he is progressive, to the delight of the related press and giving rise to multiple exaggerations even in the TVE Newscast. Those habitual agitators are those who have always believed themselves to be the owners of national sovereignty. Now they cheer for their muse: Isabel Díaz-Ayuso and, of course, the King. Cold faces and icy greetings in particular between Pedro Sánchez, Ayuso and Almeida, although there is also a distance between the two leaders of Madrid. The royal family, already reduced to three people in this celebration so far from past times, neither seemed exultant nor for the picture.

This year, with the pandemic somewhat alleviated, the ultra-nationalist virus of prominent leaders of the Popular Party and their Vox partners has come across, taking over Hispanidad to even insult indigenous and Native Americans and the Pope, who dared to ask “forgiveness” for the “sins” committed in the Spanish conquest. Ayuso, Toni Cantó, Aznar, Abascal, a group of specimens that are presented, to our embarrassment, as paradigms of a superior race that goes and orders its model. His Hispanidad, Spanishness and centripetal Madrilenianism: Catholic by imposition, with young gentlemen and innocent saints, distributing everyone’s money among a few, lying at will, stealing at will if he intervenes. The British historian Paul Preston established an interesting link between the Spanish Civil War with the spirit of the Crusade of the wars between Christians and the Moors and the evangelical imperialism of the conquest of America under the motto of Hispanidad. And all that tangle is still planted in this conservative concept that overshadows the Spanish society of the 21st century.

Everything so archaic, so corseted. But in line with the intense neo-fascist currents that, mixed with the society of the spectacle, assault venues in Rome or establish a gathering of more than extreme right in the desired candidate to preside over the French Republic. The concept of homeland that all these people hold is made of papier-mâché, with many cracks and an overwhelming democratic void.

On this October 12, we have not finished getting out of the harsh pandemics: the coronavirus, the right-wing opposition slum with its shameful means, the wounds that this time leaves us, and the effort that is expected to overcome so much trip. It will be able, it will have to be able. But it happens that with everything we have become even more disbelieving. The celebration of October 12 has many gaps in origin. And perhaps it does not agree to fix as the National Holiday of Spain the date of the beginning of that American conquest. And there is no more than the Virgen del Pilar as the patron saint of Hispanidad and also a party in Zaragoza, that of the Sites in the face of the French invasion of 1808. A rare cocktail.

The anecdote of the day, the kind that embittered the king and of course the far-right agitators, was the smoke from one of the Eagle Patrol exercises: it seemed to form a republican flag. Casually. The technical explanation offered by sources from the Air Force is that it has been produced by a malfunction of the smoke generating system. “Any trace of another chemical substance can easily alter the color of the smoke. Chance wanted that color to change from red to purple.”. have specified.

In general the set is too traditional. From the boos to the parade and the strictly academic representation of what Spain is. Over time, the valuable work of public servants has been proven, the generous dedication of the Armed Forces and Security in particular, but we are missing all the rest of the State. The reception in the Royal Palace, diminished, does not represent the life that beats in the streets of this country. And that in the first years of the reign of Felipe VI an attempt was made to expand and modernize. Austerity does not have to accentuate the traditional imbalance.

Much has also happened since then. The second survey on the monarchy of the 15 Independent Media Platform highlights that obsolete character that is affirmed in the Institution, the damage that the scandals of the royal family have done to Spain and the conservative bias of Felipe VI. 43.8% of those surveyed defend the need to hold a referendum on the form of State, compared to 36.1% who reject it. The latter must have little sympathy for the polls and be one of those who shout “squat” at positions elected by democratic procedures.

If this was the National Holiday, it has turned out to be anodyne, limited in its representation, with too much hatred and too much distorted echo: at this rate and in this same format, not even in the entertainment society did they renew his contract.


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