Sunday, December 4

Odón Elorza denounces before the Guarantees Commission of the PSOE little “exemplary” practices in the primaries of Donostia

Odón Elorza, a defeated candidate in the PSE-EE primaries to elect a candidate for mayor of Donostia, has submitted a letter to the party’s Ethics and Electoral Guarantees Commission in Euskadi, convinced that the internal electoral process was not “exemplary”. ” and that the apparatus benefited its rival, Marisol Garmendia, who obtained 66% of the support of the militancy. “I document allegations about non-exemplary facts that should lead us to improve the regulations of the Primaries. We will see the result”, Elorza has written in infofree and on his blog.

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“I recognized in the media that, due to my difficulties due to the lack of a census of affiliates and due to internal maneuvers, it was difficult for me to collect the guarantees of the militancy. I made it to the final vote on October 9 and lost it. I don’t regret it or feel any shame about it. The result of the vote was clearly in favor of the official candidate who had the public support of the apparatus. Although I am not looking for excuses or trying to cover up the lack of support, from a large part of the militancy, for a proposal for civic and transformative governance. I accept with humility and a democratic spirit the will of the San Sebastian affiliation. But it would not be honest if it accepted the declarations of socialist leaders in Gipuzkoa that speak of exemplary primaries that respect the principle of impartiality on the part of the party leadership. It was not so. I have attended a strategy of actions to guide and mediate the vote, contrary to the provisions of the Statutes (art 5.1.b) that require equal opportunities, freedom, transparency and impartiality of the organization’s management throughout the process. . I know that I walk on a very fine rope and that, by affirming the above, there will be those who say that I do not know how to lose or that I am lying. I don’t care”, argues Elorza, who was mayor between 1991 and 2011 and is now a deputy in Congress.

The former candidate also affirms that the PSE-EE still needs to present another offer in Donostia so as not to appear as subordinate to the PNV, with whom he governs in coalition. “It was a difficult decision as I knew my chances of winning were slim. And so I expressed it to those who dared to support my candidacy in the PSOE primaries for the election of the next candidate for mayor of San Sebastián. However, I decided to try it before the mediocre management of the general interests of the city that provokes the passivity and complacency of its mayor. [del PNV]. I have the perception that citizens do not appreciate the seriousness of the situation of the underlying issues, beyond the clumsiness in traffic changes or certain inconveniences caused by the tourist wave. I also took the step considering that a democratic debate of ideas had to be opened in the PSE-EE on the socialist city model and on how to recover the ambition of winning the mayoralty instead of resigning to having to revalidate the option of a new coalition government with the PNV in an increasingly subsidiary position,” says Elorza.