Thursday, December 2

Of random music, nothing: Spotify removes that button in the albums because Adele sends a lot

Adele doesn’t want her album ’30’ to be played on shuffle. This has been communicated to Spotify, which after the comment —repetition? Ultimatum? – has made a Solomonic decision, and removed the ‘Shuffle’ button from albums of the artists.

The change is surprising because shows the power some artists have over streaming platforms like Spotify. The decision makes some sense for which albums, but it is controversial because it reduces the power of decision to users and listeners.

It’s my album and you have to listen to it the way I want you to listen to it

Some albums of musical artists have a special meaning. They tell a story, and each song is part of that story and therefore (for the artist) is important to listen to it in the order it was conceived.

That is Adele’s clear argument with that request that has been taken at face value by Spotify, that removed from any album by any artist: When searching for those albums, only the play button will appear to start at the first song and continue in order until the last one.

We can continue using the ‘Random’ button in independent lists – and even in the album, in the bottom bar, where the button with the random playback icon is still there -, and we can also skip any song in the playback of an album to pass to the next. , but of course the change of Spotify is unique because it diminishes the power of the listeners who, after all, are the ones who pay the subscription to those services.

But of course, one thing is that the request is made by an artist without much weight and a very different one for Adele to do. His single ‘Easy on me’ managed to beat the record for broadcasts in one day on Spotify previously held by the group BTS. Adele rules a lot.

Via | BBC

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