Wednesday, January 26

Of the three cryptocurrencies that appreciated the most in November, two are from Metaverse

The last month of November was very good for the price of Bitcoin, which reached a new historical high in the market of US$ 69 thousand. Even so, some alternative cryptocurrencies gained even more value, some being linked to the metaverse.

Despite renewing the market maximum, Bitcoin ended the month on a fall, although this is a short-term correction movement. However, a large part of the market did not follow Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, Binance Coin and Solana, for example, which appreciated in the consolidated of the month.

Other alternative cryptocurrencies newer on the market still experienced even more expressive movements, see which ones.

Three cryptocurrencies that appreciated the most in November, two are from the metaverse

According to a survey carried out by FinDocs, with the 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market value, three highlights of the month of November caught the attention of traders.

The third that grew the most in its ecosystem was The Sandbox (SAND), a metaverse project that has attracted attention in the market. Recently, this cryptocurrency was even targeted by the company Adidas for the creation of a metaverse for the brand, showing that its ecosystem is not restricted to investors in the cryptocurrency market. In November alone, SAND appreciated 323% in the market.

In second place in the ranking is the Loopring currency (LRC), with a monthly increase of 383%. This impressive move comes from a decentralized brokerage project that carries some elements from centralized platforms on the Ethereum network, yet another competitor of the promising Uniswap.

And the bullish champion of the month is the cryptocurrency Gala (GALA), registering an impressive 543% increase in the market in just 30 days. Created by the company Gala Games, this currency grew with the search for play-to-earn games (NFTs) and the recent push through the metaverse.

Kadena and Avalanche are others in the TOP 9 of the market

New competing Ethereum networks that have emerged on the market with force also complete the ranking of the 9 cryptocurrencies that most valued in the last month.

Second ranking of FinDocs, Kadena (KDA) appears in fifth place, with an increase of 153%, while Avalanche (AVAX) emerges in seventh with an increase of 89%.

Other brokerage cryptocurrencies, NFT platforms, and decentralized Youtube (Livepeer – LPT) also registered good market appreciation and entered the survey.

Most valued alternative cryptocurrencies in November 2021 / FinDocs

It is worth remembering that despite the good moment for the metaverse market, everything is very new and it is not clear if this will be just a trend in the market, or if it really has a long-term trend. Even so, in the short term, it gave good negotiations to those who paid attention to the sector.