Saturday, September 25

Of those powders

I do not know if it happens to some, as it does to many, that we are bored of disqualifications being thrown between games and, much more seriously, between people.

We are tired of the fact that what for everyone is an almost sacred rule of respect for the Constitution, key to democracy and for coexistence, for others has become a ship adrift.

The mandate is categorical that Article 568 of the Organic Law of the Judicial Power, “adjusted” to the Constitution, imposes on the Presidents of Congress and the Senate to adopt the necessary measures so that the renewal takes place on time.

In light of what has the legislator, who has the specific obligation to respect it, preserve it, reform it and, in any case, comply with it and enforce it, have been attacking it for more than two and a half years?

At this time, which lends itself to conversation with others and with oneself, the imperishable sonnet of Lope de Vega comes to mind, which I paraphrase: “What do I have that my friendship seeks, what interest follows you, my power , that, at the gates, covered with dew, you spend the nights of two years in the dark? ”

What interest is pursued by those who, alleging non-compliance by others, do not comply with the constitutional obligation to reach an agreement -that this is what politics is about-, so that other equally constitutional bodies can continue to fulfill their obligations? Is it true that Parliament is the “temple of debate and listening”? (Pilar Llop, former President of the Senate and current Minister of Justice)

Today I am not about to reflect on who or how it should be done. Today alone and I would simply like to recall that the presidencies of the legislative bodies are incurring a serious responsibility for not waking up the political parties, which have been sleeping in irresponsibility for a long time. Assuming the challenge that the President of Congress, Meritxell Batet, offers us in the “fundamental channel of communication with citizens”, we need them to wake up, who are already well from drowsiness, lethargy, abandonment and lack of diligence.

It will be necessary to think why in five years there is no time to find the necessary formulas for the automatic renewal of the bodies to which the Constitution grants a period of democratic “legitimacy” to occur, leading to their disqualification, discredit and disaffection of citizenship.

Is it reasonable to continue making statements of ridiculous concern about the lack of affection from citizens?

From those powders (excuse me) come these muds. How rich our proverb!

And whoever itches to scratch, but until they bleed with pain and discover that we citizens have been bleeding from indifference for a long time.

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