Friday, February 3

Officialize 3 appointments in second lines of Economy, Public Works and Productive Development

The measure was signed by the President Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis.

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The Voice of Saint Just

Among other relevant designations, in the same edition of the Official Gazette with the Decree 32/2022 was formalized within the Ministry of Productive Development, that of the undersecretary of Policy and Commercial Management of the Secretariat of Industry, Knowledge Economy and External Commercial Management, Mariana Isabel Pereira.

Mariana Isabel PEREYRA.jpg

Mariana Isabel Pereyra previously served as Director of Exports of the Ministry of Productive Development of the Nation.

Likewise, in the Ministry of Economy it was considered designated with the Decree 23/2022 as Undersecretary for Coordination and International Management of the Secretariat for International Economic and Financial Affairs at Maria Candelaria Alvarez Moroni.

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María Candelaria Álvarez Moroni was Executive Director of Global Economy and International Financial Architecture of the G20 Unit of the Ministry of Economy for 4 years.

Pereira replaces Alexander Barrios, the former director of INDEC and professor at the UBA whose resignation was accepted as of December 31, while Álvarez Moroni served as chief of staff of the International Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Economy.