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OG: the app that returns to the original Instagram and solves all its bad things | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s no secret that many users are irritated with the constant barrage of new types of content that Meta keeps forcing on. Instagram. The complete turn of the application to Tiktok-like video reelsnear-constant suggested posts, and ever-present ads have turned many people away from an app that used to be just about sharing photos with friends.

In response to what Instagram has become, the OG app was created as a version of Instagram that removes much of the bloat that has been cluttered.

The OG app itself is simple: it’s a total recreation of Instagram in its current form, complete with a home tab, a discover page, and a place for Reels, but without the constant stream of content from accounts you don’t follow. In addition to being a faithful adaptation, it adds some features that are currently not present on Instagram. These include a way to create multiple curated shareable feeds consisting of specific users, as well as the option to pause feed refresh for up to 24 hours, allowing you to focus on a single day’s worth of posts if you wish. . You can also disable different sections of the app, like the discover page or Reels if you’re simply looking to see the photos your friends have posted.

All in all, there isn’t much in The OG App that you can’t find on Instagram; they even share a nearly identical user interface. But the way the content is presented is quite refreshing, and little additions to the format like the ones mentioned above go a long way to give Instagram a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t completely remove the Reels that have plagued Instagram feeds of late, but the removal of all suggested content and ads means you’ll only see Reels posted by accounts you follow rather than a constant stream of curated content. algorithmically.

Because it’s still so new, the OG app still has a handful of things to work out. The login process, to begin with, has been mixed for different users. Some are able to log in to Instagram through the app without issue, while others have encountered error messages and loading screens. There are a few reports from users that upon logging in, Instagram notified them that their account has been linked to suspicious activity. The OG app promises, however, that it doesn’t see things like your password or other data, since the entire login process happens through Instagram.

The app also appears to be a bit slower to load than the official Instagram app, but that’s likely because it’s receiving second-hand Instagram information and then filtering it through the OG app. While it’s certainly noticeable from time to time, it’s a tradeoff most would be happy to make for a cleaner version of Instagram.

The OG app is available on iOS and Android devices free of charge.

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