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Oil-free air fryers: the four best options for healthy cooking

Surely you have already had to put up with your boss’s kitchen on more than one occasion, or the modern one of your office colleague, wondering: “Do you still not use an air fryer to cook without oil?” And you with a poker face, not knowing whether to say that it is not a bad idea for your reputation.

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But the truth is that the idea of ​​doing it does not generate the slightest interest in you; What’s more, you have no fucking clue that it’s an “oil-free cooking air fryer.” But do not worry, in ConsumptionClaro we redeem your ignorance by explaining how an oil-free fryer works, how good they are, what is fried in them and many other questions. And we also recommend 4 models with good value for money.

How does the oil-free fryer work?

These devices, increasingly popular, replace the oil that usually permeates fried foods with air at high temperatures, which circulates through a receptacle where the food that we intend to fry is left.

This space can have a spatula to stir the product, so that the air can reach everywhere, or it can consist of a basket on a grid like that of oil fryers, which allows air to pass through.

With hot air you can get fried and battered of a quality similar to that of fried oil, as well as the preparation of dishes that require time but also high temperatures, such as stews with reduced sauces.

In the latter case, they can be compared more to an oven than to a deep fryer, although the procedure is also simple: place the ingredients on the tray -in this case it cannot be a rack- and apply the time indicated by the device instructions. or the recipes that run on the internet.

Now, if what you want is to emulate the frying of batters, such as croquettes or milanesas, we must discard the spatula and opt for the grid format. It is also advisable to lightly spray the food before with an oil spray to give it a crunchy texture.

We can find air fryers in major kitchen stores and on the internet for prices that rarely exceed 100 euros. And if they do, it is because they incorporate greater controls, more capacity or Wi-Fi access so that we can manage them with our mobile.

Four models with good value for money

Cecofry Deluxe Rapid Sun

Diet fryer available in black and white that allows you to cook with a single tablespoon of oil or, if you prefer, without this ingredient, to obtain healthier menus and meals on a daily basis.

Its container offers 2.5 liters of capacity, which allows you to cook large quantities of food for the whole family or if you have invited a group of friends to dinner. Its design is modern and compact, and it has a digital display on the top to control the operation, wide and easy to read.

It offers eight different and configured modes to adjust the time and temperature, from 80 to 200 degrees, that the fryer requires depending on each need, a very useful tool for cooking different types of food. Both the basket and the rack have a non-stick coating and are suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Its price is approximately 70 euros.

Moulinex EasyFry Deluxe EZ4018

Compact air fryer with 4 liters capacity and up to 6 people. Its basket system is patented and optimal for frying with little oil and cooking in a healthy way. It makes anything from crispy chicken wings to chocolate chip muffins, homemade fries or shrimp tails, etc.

It has a non-stick coating to facilitate the cooking of food and that these do not stick in the fryer, facilitating its subsequent cleaning. It features eight automatic cooking programs: chips, chops, prawns, cakes, pizzas, fish, grill and broil.

The temperature is adjustable in a range of 80 to 200 ºC for optimal results with each recipe and with a 60-minute electronic timer, with automatic shutdown function and audible alert. Some removable parts are dishwasher safe (such as the cooking rack and drawer). The basket allows you to remove the grid and capture the oil from the bottom to facilitate cleaning.

Although its price is 110 euros, is on sale for 95.99 euros.

Ram 4615 Airy Healthy Mini Fryer

Youthful and modern fryer, in yellow and white tones, 23 x 23 x 30 cm and 2.6 kilograms of weight, very handy. Its capacity is two liters and its power is 1000 W. A simple and beautiful option for single or two-family units and with few children. Its price is 69 euros.

Taylor Swoden Eva

With a single button you will start the automatic programs that will allow you to select one of the 6 foods: French fries, prawns, cake, chicken wings, steaks or fish, in such a way that the fryer will automatically adjust the time and temperature for cooking.

Its design is perfect for kitchens with small surfaces as it takes up very little space, despite this it has a capacity of 2.6 liters, enough for a family unit.

Its large digital control panel allows easy configuration of any function or manual adjustment of time and temperature, you can adjust the temperature up to 200ºC and the time up to 60 min. Its price is 80 euros.

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