Wednesday, August 17

Old dollars, are they good?

What happens is that in many places, such as companies or shops, they decide not to accept them because the old 100 dollar bills do not have the security measures that the new bills have, and it is difficult for them to recognize whether they are authentic or a fake.

How to identify old 100 dollar bills?

The answer is very simple, and it has to do with the size of Benjamin Franklin’s image: “small head dollars” are considered old dollars, while those with “big heads” are newer.

What to do if I have old $ 100 bills?

First of all, do not panic, because as I said they retain their value. What they can do is change them, more than anything because there are places where they don’t accept them.

Do I have old dollars where to change them?

Well, they can do it through your bank window. For that, they must go one day to deposit them, and then go a few days later to extract them. Thus, when withdrawing them, they may receive new bills (or not, it is a matter of luck). Another option is, if they travel to the United States or know someone who is about to travel, change them wherever they receive them without problems. Keep in mind that in certain countries they do not accept them, or that there are exchange houses that do so but take them at a lower value.

Finally, please be careful not to fall into the famous “uncle’s tale”: they tell you that the dollars are out of circulation and that they are taking them to return later with the new ones… obviously, they never come back. Older people are the most likely to fall into these types of traps, so if they can alert their grandparents so that they are alert and can avoid it.