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OLED QS95B: Samsung surprises with its first QD-OLED TV | Digital Trends Spanish

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Samsung has just presented the OLED QS95B model, its first QD-OLED television, which had already been officially announced in 2019. It is a technology that was highly anticipated by the South Korean company’s customers and is called to revolutionize the market of the televisions.

According to Samsung, QD-OLED combines the best of Quantum Dot with the best of OLED to create infinite contrast ratios as well as perfect black levels and high brightness levels. With this technology, quantum dots are placed on a separate layer in front of an OLED and emit blue light to illuminate pixels that have red and green quantum dots.

In this way, each pixel becomes three sub-pixels that can cover green, red and blue, and can be mixed to generate true white light. Samsung OLED also uses the same Neo 8K Neural Quantum processor to enhance upscaled images.

The company also touts the sound quality of the OLED TV, which supports Object Tracking Sound and Dolby Atmos for a surround sound effect and Q-Sympathy to play audio simultaneously through the TV and sound bar.

The company’s first QD-OLED TV features an ultra-slim design, which is also one of its most attractive points. On its rear, there are four HDMI ports, all of which support 4K at 120Hz, which is a good option for gaming.

Samsung indicated that this modern TV should arrive in stores in April and already can be booked from this Friday, March 18, in its 55 and 65-inch versions, which will have a value of $2,400 and $3,500 dollars, respectively.

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