Sunday, December 4

Olona heads up a lobby against “gender ideology”

Just three months ago, after unsubscribing from Vox, she announced that she was leaving everything for “health reasons” with the intention of returning to her profession as a state attorney later. Far from that, and after having a bitter disagreement with the leadership of her previous party, Macarena Olona appeared before the media this Friday to finally reveal what her intentions are for the future and to confirm her return to the political arena from which it has never really left.

“After assessing over these weeks where my path should be heading, the only thing that was clear to me at all times was that I had an immense will to continue serving the Spanish”, he said at the beginning of the presentation of his project . This is the Ibero-American Equality Foundation, a lobby against “gender ideology” that it says is practiced in Spain and that it has clarified on several occasions during the act “it will not be a political party.”

The Foundation, which has a patrimony of 10,000 dollars contributed exclusively by the former Vox deputy herself, has as its purpose “the development of activities that promote the family, life and freedom and equality of men and women combating gender ideology ” . “Unite Hispanic people in one voice against gender ideology,” she summarized. The lobby is chaired by Olona and will have a headquarters in each Ibero-American country with a vice president at the helm. During her speech, she detailed that the money she has invested for travel or events is also part of her own personal savings.

“I decided to accept this project with one exclusive condition: that Spain could be the territory where my steps would be directed as a priority”, has indicated the former far-right deputy. Thus, Olona explained that in the country he is going to promote the processing of a popular legislative initiative “to protect Spaniards against criminal gender ideology.” To do this, she is going to tour the country to find the 500,000 signatures needed to submit an NLP on this.

During his speech, Olona has ruled out on several occasions that he will stand for election. However, he has recalled that he is “at the disposal of the Spanish to serve wherever he can be most useful.” “If the will of the Spaniards is that I represent them again in Congress, it will take place as long as my irruption into the political sphere does not put at risk the necessary balance that must be maintained when forming the next government of Spain,” he has said. expressed the former leader of Vox, who has insisted that she has not used the formation to form another political party from there.

The former candidate for the Junta de Andalucía has been managing the times with great care in recent weeks, offering conferences in various Spanish capitals in which the intrigue has been fueled: Murcia, Seville, Granada and Malaga have so far been the places chosen to warm up his debut today at the Palacio de Linares in Madrid, headquarters of the Casa de América. A scenario that has not been accidental and it obeys, as she herself has explained, to her desire to strengthen her ties with Latin America. In fact, at the end of last October Olona inaugurated in Panama, the country where her father died, the first headquarters of the Ibero-American Equality Foundation with which she intends to give her particular “cultural battle” based on ideas with deep Christian roots. . Olona took advantage of her trip to Panama to participate in an act on “equality” and “gender ideology”, clinging to her theory that it is men who are actually discriminated against women because of feminists leftist. “Violence has no gender,” she often repeats.

The State attorney, however, has insisted these days that her idea is not to compete at the polls with Vox at the moment because it would run the risk of “fragmenting” the right, so she announced that she would wait to see what happens in the regional and municipal elections in May to check if their old formation is still really the “alternative” to the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Podemos. But later she has dropped that she did not rule out “nothing” and that her project would cause “tranquility” in some cases and “restlessness” in others. Her most intimate aspirations, according to some of her supporters who follow her, are to become the Spanish Meloni to “save Spain”.

A project for which he says he already has funding

Although the former Vox deputy assures that she already has sufficient financing for her project, the fact of creating a foundation will be an important source of income since these organizations receive subsidies from the institutions. The formula was already used by Santiago Abascal in 2006 when he promoted, with other leaders of what later became Vox, the Foundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation (DANAES).

As soon as this Friday’s act with the press ends, Olona will leave in a hurry towards Jaén where at eight o’clock at night he has scheduled a new conference to speak again about “the ideological battle in defense of equality”.

This Thursday he traveled to Washington to participate in the Christian Center in the “Leadership Program. Latin America 2022”. His conference on this occasion has dealt with the “electoral campaign” and the “mistakes that should not be made.” And the “first lesson” that Olona herself pointed out on Twitter is that “if you are a candidate, demand to be part of the campaign team.”