Monday, November 28

Olona inflates the balloon of his political project in full conflict with Vox: “It will generate concern in some”

For some time now, Macarena Olona manages the times of her political career with a generous dose of theatricality. Paradoxically, this began to happen when she announced the end of her political career. She summons, announces, filters and closes the tap of information at her convenience. She manages the expectations around her future with the certainty of knowing that her spotlights are pointed at her. This Friday she went to Malaga aware of being involved in rumors -conveniently fueled- about her intention to announce her supposed future political project on which, perhaps, an electoral candidacy capable of dragging part of the Vox electorate could germinate.

But when the time came, there was nothing. In Malaga, Olona referred again to another moment: it will be in Madrid, next week, when he announces what will become of her. She didn’t even say if she will host a match, though she seemed to rule it out. “When she talks about a political party, you say it,” she replied to a journalist. “I would like to make it clear that no one here is talking about a political party right now,” she later told a supporter. Just her usual jargon: “It is a project that will allow me to be on the side of the Spanish, which is where I am clear that I want to be.” “I can only tell you that it will transfer great calm in some cases and concern in others”, she added later.

Olona had some veiled or direct suggestion to her former party, who had counterprogrammed her and with whom she has engaged in a verbal battle that could be transferred to the polls, although she insists that she does not want “more political fragmentation.” Asked if he considered that there were parties that represented his beliefs or those of his former colleagues, he said that he could only regret that Antonio Gallego, until today a Vox deputy in Catalonia, had withdrawn from the far-right parliamentary group to move to the non- attached.

And when someone from the public asked him to sit down with Santiago Abascal to admit mistakes, he responded with an emotional voice: “I can assure you that I bear the pain. I bear the pain.”

Vox counterprogramming

The call for Olona was less successful than expected by the organizers, who with time expired changed rooms to hide the fact that the initially planned room was barely covered in half. In view of the counter-programming of a simultaneous Vox act, she had said that she would not call the roll. In the end, some 180 people gathered to listen to a talk theoretically limited to a legal presentation of the appeals of unconstitutionality that he filed against the states of alarm, but in which what mattered to the attendees was their future.

Finding the door to her return to Vox was locked has only fueled her anger with the leaders of the ultra party, whom she and her supporters now see as adversaries, if not enemies, with complaints of a lack of internal democracy and foul play. Meanwhile, she travels through Spain to get closer to her supporters, value support and, incidentally, carve out an image of the standard-bearer of freedom of expression and martyr of freedom.

In his dissertations, he resorts to language with a messianic point to refer to his political dedication. “I can only say to the Spaniards, to the right and to the left, that I continue on my way”. “We are going to undertake a mission together, in which there are no rights or lefts: there is a battle of good against evil.” “Next week I will publicly announce the presentation of the project that, God willing, will allow me to tour all of Spain by your side, being useful to the Spanish.”

“He is showing us the way”

In those, he arrived in Malaga, where Vox gave him a perfect trick to feed his story by counterprogramming his act with a meeting of the deputy Patricia Rueda with militants. She did not waste it: “I could postpone the act so as not to contribute to the circus, but it would be a lack of respect towards those who do not admit pressure or blackmail. See you on Friday in #Malaga. And don’t worry, I don’t call the list, ”she said in the preview.

“It’s ridiculous. Let’s see, if Madrid-Barcelona plays, and somewhere else a Churriana-Mijas is being played, where are you going? to see the Barbie or Macarena Olona?” asks José Luis Caballero, president of the Forum for Freedom and Political Regeneration and organizer of the event in Malaga. Caballero is a businessman who has been in the orbit of Vox, who now puts those of Abascal in the political and social degradation that he perceives in Spain, and declares himself an admirer of Olona: “She is a political animal. She is leading the way for us. A common project to satisfy the needs of all Spaniards, where there is room for people from the left and right. She is the hope for the future of Spain”. Armando Robles, director of the ultra Alerta Digital medium, also spoke at the event.

On Thursday, Caballero and other Vox bouncers in Malaga, such as Antonio Pulido, from the Antigestora Platform, walked Olona through some brotherhoods until they ended up in a tavern having “a little beer.” Olona’s conference in which she announced nothing also ended in a snack, “about 30 euros”, to get to know her better, before she announces, or not, what her faithful want to hear.