Wednesday, October 27

Olona marks the box of her name in the Andalusian elections: “For me it would be a privilege to be the candidate of Vox”

Macarena Olona has only had to be cross-examined once this Tuesday to allow herself to be loved without nuances as a Vox candidate in the next Andalusian elections. Without structure in Andalusia, -Vox rejects the autonomic state and does not exist at the regional level in any community- Abascal wants to close the debate as soon as possible, and in the absence of voices that are clearly raised, Olona has taken a step forward this Tuesday to maintain that For her, it would be “a privilege” to be the candidate.

Congress seeks a potion against the erosion of Vox to the institutions

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It is true that there is still no date for elections or similar, but the electoral machinery is in motion. “I am a privileged deputy for Granada. My presence in Andalusia is not surprising. We are not now in the election of the candidate, and I have no doubt that the most suitable person will be chosen,” he said to questions from journalists shortly before to start a rally very close to the Palacio de San Telmo, seat of the regional government.

But her response from the first-year policy manual has become more direct when she has been cross-examined: “For me, as for anyone, it would be a privilege to head this candidacy. It is not for me to make the decision. I am a soldier and I will be where I am. ask “.

Sources from the far-right party explain that it is a “problem” that they want to solve as soon as possible. In the autonomic elections of 2019 it was Francisco Serrano, who got 12 seats because of the echo of the party at the national level rather than because of his charisma, but since then a clear voice and image of the party has not been established in Andalusia. That Olona is announced as the candidate seems a matter of time.

Possible budget support

Macarena Olona, ​​in addition to reeling off the usual messages against migration (in this case Afghan) and against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, has also launched a diffuse message to Juan Manuel Moreno about Vox’s support for Andalusian budgets. There is no longer any talk of withdrawing support if the agreements with Abascal’s are not fulfilled, but rather that the PP shows that it wants to comply with them. From talking about support, one goes to talking about gestures.

That, before the press, because already on stage he has warned that, in Andalusia, when there is an upcoming election “the Government will be with Vox or it will not be”, and he has asked for “respect”, which he will demand after the next elections, is say, they will ask to enter the Government.

He has assured that, despite the fiscal reform that they will support this week, they will not support the 2022 budgets in Andalusia if the agreement is not fulfilled and has regretted that Moreno has shown “that he has no will, firm or weak, to comply with them. “. Olona has again demanded early elections because Andalusia “requires a real change and this Government has not had the will to do so”, so it has asked its followers for “support” to be “firm”. “Do you want law, do you want firmness, do you want order? Well, you are going to have Vox in San Telmo,” Olona told the meeting attendees, no more than a hundred people gathered.

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