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Olona monopolizes the conversations on Twitter and polarizes the network more than the rest of the Andalusian candidates, according to a report

Macarena Olona is the candidate for the Andalusian elections that has generated the most conversations on Twitter during the last weeks of the campaign, despite being the one that has published the fewest messages on that social network compared to her rivals, according to an analysis by the consulting firm Kreab, which has collected more than 30,000 tweets.

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With more than 8,000 messages, the Vox candidate and the PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, are the ones who have monopolized the conversations on Twitter, above the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno (PP), who was mentioned 7,344 times between the June 3 and June 15, according to the report. “The volume of conversation around the other three candidates has been notably lower (among all, they add up to less than Moreno)”, adds the document.

And this despite the fact that the candidate for Por Andalucía, Inma Nieto, is the one who has published the most tweets of all her rivals during those days of the campaign, 101. “Her peak moments on the network have been a consequence, mainly, of the support by Yolanda Díaz”, details the text, which also states that it stands out “in conversations about social issues such as the situation of migrants and feminism.”

Moreno and Teresa Rodríguez (Adelante Andalucía) have also been very active during the first fortnight of the month, with 84 tweets each, above the far-right candidate who has barely sent 34 messages. “Among his most outstanding issues is the mention of his idea of ​​Spain. She also stands out as the only candidate who has generated conversation about gender violence and the family, ”says the report.

In addition, he points out that the registration in the town of Salobreña and the debate about his status as Andalusian have been among the first topics on which the conversations around it have revolved. “She has been the political figure that has generated the most polarization, especially around sensitive issues such as gender violence,” she underlines.

Swords, for his part, the second candidate who has generated a greater universe of conversations on the network, “has focused his campaign on the mobilization of the neighborhoods and criticism of Vox and the PP.” “As a cross-cutting theme, health stands out. Regarding the criticism received, the confrontation between the candidate’s proposals and his comparison with the previous management of the Andalusian PSOE stands out, ”he points out.

The president of the Board and candidate of the PP has generated a conversation of more than 7,300 tweets around, above all, the eventual role that Vox will play when it comes to forming a government and the possible pacts that it can weave to continue in San Telmo. According to the analysis, “there is a fear that good expectations will not mobilize the electorate”, which is why messages calling for the polls proliferate“. On the other hand, the report does not detect ideological or controversial issues among its topics.

The peaks of conversation about 19J occurred above all in the electoral debates. Rodríguez was the one who best capitalized on this window, thanks, among other things, to her mention of “Iberdrolona”. With a conversation of just 2,600 messages “she stands out as one of the candidates with the highest relative number of ideological messages”, mainly on issues such as investments in Andalusia, racism and sex education.

Juan Marín, the Ciudadanos candidate, has gone quite unnoticed on the networks, with just over 1,900 conversation tweets around his figure. The current vice president of the Board “has seen how his relevance has been limited to debates”, especially around the anecdote of the torrijas and the incident with Javier Negre. “Among his bases, he wanted to defend the role of the coalition government and the importance of Ciudadanos for change in Andalusia, historically socialist,” he concludes.

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