Sunday, July 3

Olona will keep his seat in Congress until after the Andalusians despite announcing that he would leave it before the campaign

The Vox candidate for the presidency of the Board, Macarena Olona, ​​has sent a letter to the Congress Table in which she communicates her intention to resign her seat as a deputy at the time the Andalusian Parliament is constituted, after the elections of June 19.

Olona already announced on Friday his resignation from the seat in Congress on the first day of the campaign during a rally in Seville, although he will continue in the Vox parliamentary group until the constitution of the regional Chamber, which must be done within 25 days after the holding of elections. Therefore, the maximum term would end on July 16.

In the letter that the Vox candidate has addressed to the governing body of Congress, she also expresses her gratitude to all the services of the Chamber for “their tireless work” during these years.

On May 11, the national direction of Vox announced that Olona would leave her act as a deputy in Congress before the Andalusian electoral campaign officially began, last Friday, June 3. A decision that, according to the party, is “an unequivocal sign of her total commitment to Andalusia” by “renouncing her position at the national level.”

Olona will thus focus “exclusively and fully” on his political future in Andalusia, where he has already announced that he will live with his family to “dedicate himself body and soul.”

In this way, she will first complete her obligations in Congress, as a national deputy and general secretary of the Vox parliamentary group. “Subsequently, she will close this stage to open the next one in Andalusia, unlike what other candidates from other parties present in Congress have done in recent years,” Vox highlighted in a statement.