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Omniverse Avatar: Nvidia also targets the metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

During the GTC 2021 conference, Nvidia has presented its plans to develop its own metaverse, which from the company receives the name of Omniverse.

Nvidia’s intention is to replicate our world in a virtual way, for this it has been working with more than 500 technology companies since last year.

At the conference, the CEO of the firm, Jensen Huang, presented numerous functions of this new Omniverse, such as avatars, new tools for electric vehicles and the development of virtual cities, among other striking functions.


Part of this ad shows Omniverse Avatar, it is a platform that generates immersive avatars powered by artificial intelligence.

“The dawn of virtual smart assistants has arrived. Omniverse Avatar combines fundamental NVIDIA graphics, simulation technologies, and AI to create some of the most complex real-time applications ever created. The scenarios of use in collaborative robots and virtual assistants are incredible and powerful, “said Huang during the presentation.

According to the company, its Omniverse development kit has already been downloaded more than 70,000 times by designers from 500 companies.

Starting this month, Nvidia has created an Omniverse Enterprise subscription, available from $ 9,000 a year and focused on businesses.

According to experts, this is one of the main differences compared to the metaverse posed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta’s proposal points more to experience, while Nvidia’s idea seems to be to build digital replicas that can carry out studies and simulations.

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