Friday, February 3

On Monday, January 17, they will hold an extraordinary Cabinet to approve the purchase of swabs and analyze the situation of Covid-19, Cortizo announced.

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, announced that an extraordinary cabinet will be held on Monday, January 17, to approve the purchase of additional swab tests and urged the population not to lower their guard against the increase in Covid infections. -19.

“We have swab tests, but I anticipate that this Monday we are going to have an extraordinary cabinet council to approve the acquisition of additional tests to detect Covid-19, this means both PCR, Sofia and the immunochromatography test or visual test.”

He referred to the increase in the positivity of the virus in the country, which has resulted in a greater demand for testing.

The Chief Executive explained that in less than a month the positivity rates have increased by almost 20%. “On December 25, 2021, positivity was at 6.7% and two days ago it was 27%,” he specified.

Fortunately, in this country Panamanians are already used to the issue of vaccines. The vaccine scheme in Panama is extensive with a lot of experience and worldwide recognition, which has made it easier for us to advance against this invisible enemy.

The president also urged the population to get the third booster dose against Covid-19 because “the omicron variant is extremely fast, extremely fast.”

Cortizo Cohen recalled that 90% of those who died from Covid-19 in the last year did not have the complete vaccination schedule; that is, nine out of ten Panamanians.

“So, common sense tells us let’s get vaccinated! Do it for your family, friends and co-workers; this is the only way that we can intelligently fight this pandemic. We are already entering two years of facing this pandemic and I need, and the country needs, all Panamanians alive, “he said.