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“On the left, caviar I know very well”: Inés de Miguel, the Monastery impersonator who triumphs on TikTok

“Imitations, humor and creation of characters taken from my novels”, that is the biography of Inés de Miguel on her channel TikTok and he certainly keeps his word. Despite having more than 8,000 followers and almost 100,000 ‘likes’ on his videos on the platform, he had not reached virality on other networks until a Twitter user posted there a compilation of his best videos imitating top political figures flat, starting with the one that has most captivated the internet, her almost perfect version of the president of Vox in the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio.

Yolanda Díaz, third vice president of the Government, is one of the leaders who has succumbed to her charms and has had to recognize her talent. Seeing herself in the videos of the young woman, she has stated that “she would love to meet her” and that they can “come to an agreement for stunts.”

The far-right leader Rocío Monasterio has acknowledged on her social networks that the impersonator has hit the nail on the head with her deliberately slow way of criticizing “the caviar left that speaks to you from the rooftops, who lives next to the Retiro, who skis the weekends”.

Inés’ dedication to detail goes beyond an almost perfect imitation of voices, accents and speeches, since when daring with other political figures she adopts their gestures, their expressions and their ways of looking, changing her register to adopt the widely parodied and recognizable style of a president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, slightly disheveled who defends the terraces against “posh communism” while eating ‘scolds’ and drinking beer.

Despite the fact that these are her best known imitations at the moment, Inés de Miguel is not limited only to politics. In your account Twitter You can also find other imitations of Spanish celebrities such as the protagonists of ‘The island of temptations’, Ana Torroja, Susana Griso or Cristina Pardo.

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