Thursday, September 16

On video: Taliban have fun in bumper cars as civilians flee for their lives



After the arrival of the Taliban to power, the priority of thousands of people in Afghanistan it lies only in leaving the country as soon as possible, in any way. The images that have transpired of the Kabul airport show the total chaos among people who try to escape even at the risk of losing their lives. Images of hundreds of Afghans crammed into military planes, videos of desperate people running down the airport runways with the sole aim of reaching a moving plane, among many others.

The Taliban side is also being targeted by viral videos. But for different motives. The insurgents, who took over the capital of Afghanistan this past weekend, enjoy the bumper cars, the trampolines and even the gymnasium of the presidential palace, in contrast to the suffering of the civilian population.

In this ‘tweet’, you can see how several armed Taliban soldiers celebrate the taking of Kabul mounted on bumper cars.

But your fun doesn’t end there. In another publication that circulates on this social network, shared by the French media ‘Mediavenir’, you can also see the Taliban riding on a merry-go-round in an amusement park in Kabul.

Journalist Asaad Hanna, known for being a Syrian civil society and human rights activist, has also posted multimedia content on the activities of the Taliban upon their return to Kabul. In this first ‘post’, it is observed how the insurgents enjoy the Presidential Palace facilities. While some are dedicated to lifting weights, the others record with their phones and laugh at the scene.

In this latest video, the Taliban enjoy jumping on trampolines while pushing against each other.

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