Friday, September 24

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a Goya that hung upstairs in a Madrid palace where an aristocrat lived. A year and a half after the death of the aristocrat, one of his sons, who lives on the lower floor of the palace with the then president of the Community of Madrid, says that his father donated it to him while he was alive and, therefore, it is his. Then he sells it for 5 million euros to a powerful Spanish public works builder without anyone knowing anything. They lived happily and with that money they ate partridges, caviar and whatever it takes.

Today in we unveil a peculiar recording, a kind of ‘audio story’ divided into chapters for the adult children of Esperanza Aguirre. “It is a story that is worth knowing and it is also a very beautiful story of our family.” Among other precious details, this one sneaks in: “We had to invent a donation that never happened.” In other words, a fraud. To read and listen.

Get sick from Covid twice?

Very, very weird. Coronavirus reinfections represent less than 1% of cases and they are difficult to confirm because they can be confused with a relapse or because the symptoms are so mild after the vaccine that there is no diagnostic test. So, in principle and for now, unless a damn mutation comes up, it’s nothing to worry about.

  • IsraelThanks to its geopolitical relations, its economic power and, also, its size, it has been a privileged laboratory for the progress of the fight against Covid-19. They were the first to vaccinate quickly and now they are also pioneers in injecting the third dose to people over 60 years of age. Here are the lessons that his case has left in this year and a half.

Merkel, Hidalgo

Angela Merkel is retiring but she is leaving pearls of those that bother those who are supposed to be colleagues of liberal and conservative ideology, in Spain and other countries.

“I’m a feminist, and we all should be,” she said in an interview. Not that it sprouted spontaneously: the chancellor had been dodging the question since 2017, when someone asked her and she was stuck without knowing what to say. “At that time I was shy. But I have thought it through and I can say that we should all be feminists. ” Here the video.

  • France. Another feminist leadership is on the rise. The mayor of Paris has announced that it will be presented to the presidency of France in 2022. Anne Hidalgo, in addition to being a feminist, social democrat and environmentalist, was born in San Fernando, Cádiz. If she wins (it is complicated), she would be the first Spanish president of a republic, although paradoxically in another country.


Do not pass

  • Felix Bolaños, Minister of the Presidency, is the new strong man of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. We have interviewed him.
  • Public energy. The Balearic government is going to create a public electricity company based on shared self-consumption to lower electricity prices. It is a small project that consists of putting solar panels in public buildings and deriving that energy, free of charge, to families or companies that need it within a radius of about 500 meters. More details.
  • Fire. Six new Malaga municipalities have had to evacuate part of their neighbors this weekend for the huge fire of Sierra Bermeja, which has been shaking the province since Wednesday, with more than 7,000 hectares affected in a perimeter of 85 kilometers. The flames are stabilizing and in towns like Estepona the inhabitants have returned to their homes.
  • Moral authority. The journalist Carlos Hernández, an expert on issues of historical memory, tells us that several documentary interviews he conducted with Spanish survivors of Nazi concentration camps have been vetoed by YouTube. Here you can see them, accompanied by an essential reflection on how to decide what can and what cannot be seen or remembered.
  • China. Related to the above, the Chinese regime is beginning to be scared by the size and power that some of its technology companies are amassing. TikTok, AntGroup, Aliexpress, Baidu and others control global commerce businesses, video games or online payments. China has decided to stop them, even if that means that they cannot compete with US companies. Very interesting.

Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know the story of the soccer goalkeeper who was left alone on the field because he did not realize that the game he was playing had been suspended. It happened in 1937. The Chelsea referee – Chartlon Athetic sends the players to the locker room because the fog is so thick that nothing can be seen. All leave except one: Sam Bartram, who stayed under the sticks for 15 more minutes, surprised that his team attacked so much in the opposite area for so long. I have read it in Panenka.
  • He did not know that after some earthquakes the appearance of luminous flashes from the earth to the sky has been documented. It is a phenomenon known as’earthquake lights‘and although they do not have a consensual scientific explanation, the main theory is that it is a discharge of energy from the tectonic shock. They were seen and recorded a few days ago in the 7.1 earthquake in Mexico.
  • He did not know that we have a word in Spanish that, in theory, we can’t write although we can pronounce. It is the second person singular of the imperative of ‘going out’ if we add ‘him’ as a pronoun. That is, what we pronounce as ‘Sal.le’ to tell someone to meet another person, for example. The RAE says that we cannot write “salle” because then it is no longer pronounced ‘Sal.le’ but ‘Saye’. A mess. In Argentina and other Latin American countries they have the solution: ‘Salíle’ or ‘Salíle’, and the problem solved.

Come on, go out to Monday, that I can not with you.

Tomorrow we read each other again.

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