Saturday, October 1

One 61,374 Christmas trees are imported to Panama

A total of 85 containers with 61,374 Christmas trees, was the result of the 2021 import season; as part of a joint action between the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), through the National Directorate of Plant Health, Executive Directorate of Agricultural Quarantine, national importers and Canadian exporters.

The verification of the phytosanitary condition of these shipments was carried out by the agricultural quarantine inspectors in the ports of entry to the country, through a random process that selected 40% of the containers, for their review with satisfactory results, since no pests of quarantine interest were detected and compliance with the phytosanitary import requirements, ssays a statement from the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida).

PFor this season, both National Directorates of Mida, developed a series of previous activities, such as the review and update of the Pest Risk Analysis, the Phytosanitary Import Requirements, meetings and permanent consultations with Panamanian importers, Canadian exporters, as well as with the Mida authorities and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, with the objective of coordinating and harmonizing the work dynamics, to facilitate the trade of this item in a safe way, from the phytosanitary perspective.

Through these actions it has been safeguarded national phytosanitary heritage and bilateral trade with the Republic of Canada has been facilitated, contributing to the economic reactivation, generating jobs and allowing thousands of Panamanian families to have the opportunity to enjoy the greenery and particular aroma of balsamic fir trees, popularly known as Christmas trees, in commemoration of the 2021 Christmas holidays.