Friday, December 9

One dead, 14 injured in two explosions at Jerusalem bus stops

One person has died and at least 14 have been injured in two explosions in two different parts of Jerusalem. Police forces point to possible attacks with explosive devices.

Early in the morning there was a first explosion at a bus stop that has left at least 12 injured. All of them were transferred to nearby hospitals, three are in critical condition and one of them later died. Shortly after, there was another explosion at a bus stop in the Ramot settlement of occupied East Jerusalem, where three people were slightly injured by shrapnel, according to the United Hatzalah emergency medical team.

The Israel Police is searching for possible suspects in the affected areas, has blocked several access roads to Jerusalem and believes that it was a “terrorist attack”, which would be the first of its kind in Jerusalem in years. The first inspection at the sites of the explosions “shows that different explosive charges were placed at both scenes”, indicating “a possible combined attack”.

Given what happened, the outgoing Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, has called a security meeting at 12:00 local time to discuss the situation.

So far, no Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility for the blasts, although the Islamist group Hamas has welcomed the attack. “We congratulate our Palestinian people and our people in the occupied city of Jerusalem on the heroic operation,” Hamas said in a statement. Hamas believes that what happened “is the result of the crimes of the occupation (Israel) and the settlers.”

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