Friday, December 3

One dead and three injured due to a CO2 leak in the fire-fighting system of the Ascó nuclear power plant

One person has died and three others have been injured by a carbon dioxide leak at the Ascó nuclear power plant (Tarragona). As reported by the Bombers of the Generalitat, it is an incident that “is not linked to radiological activity.”

As the firefighters have explained to Europa Press, the event is linked to the maintenance of the nuclear power plant. The three injured have been transferred in mild condition due to CO2 inhalation to the Mora d’Ebre Hospital.

At the time of the incident, all those affected “were working on the firefighting system, which works with CO2.” “At the moment in which the ignition takes place, the CO2 begins to leave and displace the oxygen, and once there is no oxygen, the combustion ends. It is the way to put out fires in places where you cannot use water.”

The Bombers of the Generalitat, together with the staff of the plant, have re-established security on the premises after the incident.

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