Friday, July 30

One dead in the anti-government protests in Cuba

A man has died during a clash between protesters and security forces on Monday in a peripheral neighborhood of Havana, as reported by the Cuban news agency (ACN).

This is a 36-year-old citizen who participated in a protest in the Güinera Popular Council of the Arroyo Naranjo municipality, in the south of the capital, during the demonstrations against the Government that began on Sunday in various towns on the island.

In addition to the deceased, several people were arrested and others suffered injuries, including law enforcement officers, in the event that occurred in La Güinera, according to ACN.

Monday’s protest in that neighborhood, one of the most depressed areas of Havana, was broadcast in several videos through social networks, despite the fact that the Government has kept the internet connection cut off since Sunday.

In the images only dozens of people are seen advancing through the streets shouting slogans such as “freedom” or “a united people will never be defeated.”

According to the ACN version, the protesters “altered order and tried to head towards the National Revolutionary Police Station of the territory, with the aim of attacking its troops and damaging the facility.”

The pro-government media accuses the protesters of attacking agents with stones and knives, vandalizing homes, setting fire to containers and damaging the power lines.

It also ensures that the deceased had a “record of contempt, theft and disorderly conduct” and that the authorities are investigating the circumstances of this event.

Protests against the Government

Monday’s demonstration in Güinera took place a day after, in an unprecedented day in Cuba, thousands took to the streets in several cities to protest against the Government, whom they blame for the lack of food and medicine, power cuts and the worst outbreak of the pandemic with new record cases every week.

The executive of Miguel Díaz-Canel, for his part, points to the US as the culprit of the crisis in the country and of the protests.

There were clashes with the wounded and numerous detainees, which according to the international organization Human Rights Watch exceed 150, most of them unaccounted for.

The citizen demonstrations that began on Sunday throughout Cuba have been the most important in 60 years, with the only precedent being the “maleconazo” of August 1994, limited to Havana.

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