Sunday, March 26

One last concert for Total Sinister

The Galician group Siniestro Total has announced that it will give the last concert of its career on May 6, 2022, without this meaning the dissolution of the band, as confirmed by its leader Julián Hernández to

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It will be a farewell concert to the stage under the motto “40 years without setting foot in the Audiencia Nacional” at the WiZink in Madrid. Historical members of the band will participate in it, including Miguel Costas, its singer and guitarist from the first formation, who left the group in 1994. Costas founded the group in 1981 together with Julián Hernández, Javier Soto, Óscar Avendaño, Andrés Cunha and Jorge Beltran. Germán Coppini, Alberto Torrado, Segundo Grandío and Ángel González also passed through the group.

The return of Miguel Costas had already been hinted at since the publication of a video last year rehearsing with the group.

Tickets go on sale on February 23, the same day that Julián Hernández, Miguel Costas and Javier Soto will give a press conference to offer more details about this concert and its future.