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One of the looters of the Palau denies a plan with his wife and daughter to avoid paying the audience

The looters of the Palau de la Música return to the court. The first to do so was Jordi Montull, Fèlix Millet’s number two, led by the Mossos d’Esquadra because he is serving a prison sentence for looting. Montull has denied the judge that he hatched a plan together with his wife, Mercè Mir, and his daughter, Gemma Montull, to hide rental income from Justice and thus avoid compensating the audience for compensation.

Justice rules out for now that Junts return the money looted by Convergència in the Palau case

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The Palau case continues almost fifteen years after its outbreak. Millet and Montull were sentenced to up to nine years in prison. Gemma Montull was sentenced to four years, but she dodged her admission to prison. Now all of them are charged again for allegedly hiding income they obtained from renting seized properties

According to legal sources, Montull’s statement has been very brief because his state of health is delicate after a heart operation that he underwent last week. More extensive has been that of his wife, Mercè Mir. Gemma Montull was also summoned for this Wednesday, but an error in her summons has caused her statement to be suspended.

In summary, the defense of the Montull goes through denying any plan to not pay the Palau and alleging that the income obtained from the two rented farms (one of them to his daughter Gemma, the other to an individual) in Masnou (Barcelona) they were always declared to the Treasury and did not report any benefits, since they were dedicated to expenses in repairs and taxes on the farms themselves.

On the other hand, the Palau de la Música, which denounced the case and has been closely observing all the income of its looters so that they return every last penny, has doubts about the Montull version. To begin with, because, as was recorded in the execution of the Palau sentence, Montull did not say that he earned anything from rent and claimed that his only income came from his pension.

But in addition, the Palau has discovered that an unusual clause was included in the lease contracts by which Gemma Montull had a right of first refusal when the estate was sold. This makes us suspect that the family wanted to ensure the conservation of part of their seized assets and that it should be auctioned to compensate the Palau.

This is the second open case that Millet and Montull have for hiding income from the Justice. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requests two years in prison for Montull and Mir for avoiding the return of the looting by hiding from the Justice the collection of 31,500 euros for rent from one of the properties seized in the cause of the looting of the auditorium.

The prosecutor maintains that Montull and his wife decided to rent the house in El Masnou (Barcelona), owned by Mir since 2001 but whose lease was shared by the couple, “without informing” the Justice of the rental charge. The couple, according to the accusation, had “an obvious intention not to face” the return of the looting of the Palau, and for this reason they hid the rental of the house “in common positions and prior agreement and having full knowledge of the economic amounts to which that they were sentenced, and with the evident intention of not facing them”.

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