Sunday, May 28

One of the ultras of Espanyol who took to the field after Barça’s triumph is a PP candidate in Sant Joan Despí

FC Barcelona has gone four years without winning a League. The club finally achieved the long-awaited title this Sunday after winning 2-4 in the home derby of RCD Espanyol. A hundred ultras from Espanyol clouded the match by jumping onto the field while the players and the Culé coaching team celebrated the title, forcing them to quickly run to the changing rooms to protect themselves.

This Monday, through social networks, the identity of one of the ultras of Espanyol who jumped onto the field and whose aggressiveness can lead to a hefty sanction for the parakeet club has been discovered. This is Yago Darnell, who occupies number 9 on the PP list for the municipal elections in the Barcelona town of Sant Joan Despí, party sources have indicated to The same sources have explained that he is not a militant and the party has asked him to resign from being on the lists.

Darnell’s performance this Sunday after the derby was not limited to evading security controls and jumping onto the field. The broadcast of the match also immortalized him as he knocked down one of the video cameras that were recording the game. Unlike other ultras, Darnell left the stands with a bare face.

In a statement, Espanyol described the invasion of the field and the attempt by some of its fans to attack the Barça squad as “isolated events”, in addition to showing its “categorical” rejection of any type of violence and showing its “total collaboration” with the security forces.

The team has not specified in its statement whether it will kick out the members who took to the field once it identifies them, as the club already did with two of the fans who yelled racistly at the player Iñaki Williams a few seasons ago. “We will never accept violence, however residual it may be,” added the club.

The Mossos d’Esquadra are investigating the incidents this Sunday at the Cornellà-El Prat stadium. The Catalan police have explained that they are awaiting the report from the sports coordinator, who is collecting all the information and analyzing the images from the cameras. Once completed, it will be sent to the General Directorate of Security Administration, which will decide whether to impose some type of sanction on those responsible.

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