Tuesday, July 5

One of these people will (probably) be the new mayor or the first mayor of New York

This Tuesday, New Yorkers will choose who will be the candidates who will face each other in the elections on November 2 to take over the mayor of New York. Given the Democratic tradition of the electorate in the state, the elected Democratic candidate will have a good chance of becoming the new mayor of the city.

There are more than 12 Democratic candidates, but the most prominent in the latest polls are four: the former police officer Eric Adams; the former head of the city’s Sanitation Department Kathryn garcia; the lawyer and activist Maya wiley; and the businessman and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Eric Adams

The most important issues for this ex-cop and current Brooklyn Borough President are public health, the economy and security. Regarding the last point – which is one of the issues that most concerns voters, according to polls – the 60-year-old Democrat has indicated that he advocates for police reform, but does not support the ‘Defund The Police’ movement, which is committed to gradually withdrawing funding from the police to invest in the communities.

This candidate, who until 2001 was registered as a Republican, has the backing of Terrence Floyd, one of George Floyd’s brothers – the African-American man who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last year. The newspaper New York Post and three of New York’s leading Latino print media The newspaper, Latino Impact Y Queens Latino they have also expressed their support for Adams.

In the last weeks of the campaign, this African-American of humble origins has had to prove on several occasions that he lives in a Brooklyn apartment after information came to light that suggested that he lived in New Jersey, a city that is in front of the Big Apple and does not belong to any of the five boroughs of New York.

Kathryn garcia

This 51-year-old candidate argues that her best quality is her “experience in crisis management”, as she has a long history in local administration. His last position was that of head of the city’s Sanitation Department. Its main goals are economic recovery, providing affordable housing and fighting climate change.

This candidate, who grew up in Brooklyn and bears the Puerto Rican last name of her ex-husband, was almost a stranger until she the endorsement of New York Times and the Daily news catapulted her into the polls. He also has the support of one of his opponents, Andrew Yang, who has encouraged his voters to choose him as a second option and, in addition, has suggested that, if he became the next mayor, he would sign Garcia for a leadership position in your Town Hall.

Maya wiley

The 57-year-old lawyer and activist represents the most progressive sector of the party and among her most important issues is using city funds to create more jobs and increase public safety, as well as police accountability. This candidate not only wants to rebuild the city, but also to “reinvent” it.

Wiley, an African American, also worked as an advisor to the city’s current mayor, Bill de Blasio, and came into the political arena last summer as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, so it’s no surprise that racial justice and reform police are two of its pillars. His strongest endorsement came in early June, when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Wiley “her number one” in this election.

Andrew Yang

The Asian American businessman plays to the advantage of being one of the best-known names on the ballot as the presidential candidate who wanted to give a universal basic income of $ 1,000 a month to all adult Americans. In addition, it is the one with the most presence on social networks, with almost two million followers on Twitter, four times more than Wiley, the second candidate with the most followers.

Among the candidate’s main proposals are to recover the economy and tourism activity, increase the level of security in the city – especially for the Asian community, which has been a target of hatred in the city for the last year – and alleviate poverty , this time not with a universal basic income, but wants to offer 2,000 dollars a year for the 500,000 poorest New Yorkers.

His lack of experience has been one of his biggest criticisms and he does not have the backing of great politicians. Although Yang and Garcia have attended various events together, the candidate told a voter on Sunday that her alliance with Yang was only because “he wants his number two.”

Ballots in order of preference

In this election for the first time New Yorkers will use the voting ballots in order of preference to elect their representatives. Voters can choose five candidates in order of preference, rather than choosing just one.

If no candidate gets more than 50%, which is most likely according to the polls, the last candidate is eliminated and their votes are assigned to who their voters have chosen as second option. After the recount, the process is repeated, eliminating the last candidate and so on until only two remain.

In either case, voters can choose only one candidate. Voting for several candidates does not harm your favorite, but simply the vote automatically goes to the second candidate if the first one is eliminated. If the second favorite candidate is eliminated, the vote goes to the third and so on up to five.