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OnePlus Nord 2 CE: a complacent cell phone, but that does not stand out | Digital Trends Spanish

OnePlus Nord 2 CE: a complacent cell phone, but that does not stand out

PVS $409.00

“The OnePlus Nord CE 2 is a phone that does not stand out, but it can be a very good option for those who have a tight budget”


  • 90Hz OLED display

  • Fast charge

  • Good price

  • 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity


  • Low quality construction materials

  • adjusted performance

  • Cameras that don’t stand out

OnePlus used to be a “one-hit wonder” brand that released one or two cheap powerful devices a year, but that changed with the arrival of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.

Since then, the company has changed its strategy by introducing several high-end phones every year with prices similar to those of the competition. At the same time, OnePlus has maintained another cheaper line that includes the Nord saga.

Last year we met the OnePlus Nord CE 5G, a phone that we really liked because it was able to stand out in almost all aspects, at a very good price.

Now comes the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G handover, another affordable smartphone focused on all the essentials that an average user needs for their day-to-day life. Do you want to know if you are interested in buying this model? Will there be many differences compared to the previous one? We tell you everything below.

Screen and design

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G moves away from the brand’s design line and suspiciously close to that of the Oppo Reno, specifically the Oppo Reno 7. Let’s remember that OnePlus and Oppo merged last year, so it makes sense that the lower ranges of both companies have similarities.

OnePlus Nord CE2

It is a nice and simple device, although the materials with which it is built (basically plastic) are not of the best quality. This is not only noticeable to the touch, but also affects the water resistance of the device. But hey, we can’t ask too much of a $405 phone either.

The device is a good size that makes it easy to grip, but it’s a bit slippery, as well as a magnet for smudges and fingerprints. Its weight is only 173 grams.

However, something that I did not like at all, and what happened with the previous Nord CE, is that the Alert Slider was sacrificed, the physical button with which we can activate the different sound modes and that has characterized OnePlus since its inception. We also don’t have stereo speakers, although there is a classic 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

The screen is an AMOLED with 6.43 inches and resolution of FHD + compatible with HDR10 +. The viewing experience is quite good, especially if we do not forget its range and price range. Images are reproduced colourful, sharp and bright. It’s not a great panel, but it offers a decent day-to-day experience.

This screen has a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which makes the experience even more fluid, especially with games. We miss that OnePlus did not go up to 120 Hz, since the competition has been integrating this figure in intermediate ranges for some time.

To unlock the screen we can use facial recognition or the fingerprint sensor located under it. Both systems worked quickly and efficiently almost every time I had to use them, although personally (and for security reasons) I prefer the fingerprint sensor on all Android phones.

Performance and autonomy

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 packs a mid-range processor, the MediaTek Dimensity 900, along with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

Overall, the phone performs well and quickly on a day-to-day basis, even with multiple apps open at the same time, but don’t expect performance to match with high-demand games. In fact, we found some lags and FPS drops, but we must keep in mind that it is not a processor prepared for overload.

The phone has a 4,500mAh battery with 65W fast charging, and unlike many other phones, the charger is included in the box. On a full charge, the battery lasted me all day, even with the screen brightness turned up to max.

Regarding charging times, the device went from less than 5 percent to 100 percent in about half an hour. In just 15 minutes you can get 60 percent charge, something that can save you from more than one hurry.

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 runs Android 11 with OxygenOS 11, OnePlus’ user interface. In my opinion, it’s one of the best out there, as it’s clean, simple, and free of bloatware. As a strong point to mention that the device has 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity to offer faster connections.


The rear camera of the device has a 64 MP main lens, an 8 MP ultra wide angle lens and a 2 MP monochrome lens to improve depth in portrait mode. The front camera is 16 MP.

In general, in good light, the photos are good, clear and sharp, although with a cloudy sky or a rainy day they are a bit dull. It doesn’t offer the same level of detail as a phone that costs twice as much, but it competes quite well with others in the same range.

The portrait mode is quite good, especially if we take into account that it is done entirely by software. The wide angle camera saturates the colors too much and distorts them excessively.

Selfies are decent, with good sharpness and brightness. In addition, it allows us to adjust the background blur in portrait mode, which helps to obtain quite natural results.

In low light it is another story, since not only does it lose the level of detail but, to compensate for the noise, the software softens the image excessively and ends up blurring everything.


The OnePlus Nord CE 2 is a phone that does not stand out, but it can be a very good option for those who have a tight budget. The screen is excellent, the processor performs on a day-to-day basis and its battery has, in addition to a good duration, a fast charging system.

However, such a low price requires some cutting back. In this specific model we find humble construction materials, as well as a lack of resistance to water. In addition, the cameras are quite fair, so if you are a photography lover, be clear that this is not your phone to buy.

Finally, the refresh rate is also quite low if we take into account that there are much cheaper models, such as the Realme Narzo 50, that reach 120 Hz.

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