Tuesday, March 21

Online accounts: the hook of banks to empty their offices

The clients of most of the entities have been forced to digitize themselves, under force online accounts under the threat of paying commissions if they go to an office. The bank wants its customers to make their transfers, withdraw money or pay their bills through a app, from a computer or from the cashier, something that has particularly harmed consumers accustomed to making their transactions at the counter, who now have to do everything through a machine.

But in some banks, not even doing all the operations online is enough to stop paying commissions, but you also have to meet a list of requirements such as directing a payroll or using a credit card if you don’t want to. pay up to 240 euros a year for maintenance of the account, explain the experts of the financial product comparator HelpMyCash.com.

However, customers willing to operate remotely can stop paying commissions without having to meet more requirements than giving up going to the bank’s offices. “Open a online account without payroll that does not charge commissions even if the income is not domiciled is an alternative for all those who are used to doing their business online and who do not have a payroll or who do not want ties ”, they explain from the comparator.

And all the big banks have one, even the ones that have raised fees and tightened account requirements, though many online accounts are for new customers only, so to contract them it is likely that you will have to change banks.

Big banks have online accounts

The latest bank to launch an online account without commissions has been Sabadell, which has just launched the Expansión Digital Account, which promises not to charge commissions if the client operates remotely, even if they do not directly direct their payroll.

Sabadell was the only one missing to join this trend. BBVA has been marketing an account of this type for years, which has already convinced more than a million users and Banco Santander launched an online account last year. CaixaBank, for its part, offers this service through its mobile banking, imagin.

These digital accounts, which can also be found in entities such as Abanca, Liberbank or Cajamar, in addition to online banks, allow carry out all the necessary operations to manage day-to-day finances (transfers, income, payment of bills, refunds, card payments, Bizum…) with the particularity that they are free and it is not necessary to enter a payroll each month, HelpMyCash sources point out.

That is, they are the solution for all those clients who pay commissions every year on their own by not being able to meet the requirements of their bank, as long as they are willing to manage their finances over the Internet.

Ideal to share

Many online accounts can be opened with two holders or even more, so they can be used by couples, siblings, roommates or friends who need to open a joint account to share expenses that does not have maintenance costs and does not require to domicile a payroll.

The Online account without BBVA commissions, for example, supports up to two cardholders, as long as they are new customers, and gives each cardholder a free debit card. The account can only be opened by app or the bank’s website.

The Online Account Without Liberbank for new clients it can also be opened with two holders and each one will be able to use their own debit card without paying for it. In addition, although it is not mandatory to be linked to contract it, the bank gives away 150 euros if a payroll of at least 600 euros is directly deposited and maintained for two years.

Abanca follows the same strategy. His clear account It has no maintenance fees or mandatory connection and can be opened with two holders, each with their own debit card. And if a salary or pension of 600 euros or more is paid into your account for two years, you will receive an incentive of 150 euros.

Before contracting an online account, it is advisable to review the small letter. It also does not hurt to analyze the applications of each entity, since they will be one of the main channels to operate. The app BBVA, for example, has a score of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play, Santander has a 4.2 and imagin, CaixaBank’s mobile banking, also has a 4.2.

Not all entities have an equally intuitive online banking, nor do they allow carrying out the same operations or allowing them to pay with the mobile with the same wallets, so it is something that must be taken into account before opening an online account, they point out from HelpMyCash.