Thursday, October 28

Only one in seven COVID-19 cases is detected in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned this Thursday that about 85% of COVID-19 cases throughout the African continent are not being detected, so the real number of probable coronavirus positives would rise to 8 , 5 to 59 million, as expressed by the director of the WHO for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti and has collected Europa Press.

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The expert also highlighted, at a conference on the situation of the pandemic on the continent, that it is “the time to start an offensive against COVID-19 to face these challenges at the level of evidence” and has defended that the initiative promoted by the WHO seeks to “go from passive to active surveillance working with communities.”

“The end of the year festivities are fast approaching and we already saw last year that the trips and intense meetings in December led to an increase in COVID-19 cases,” he explained, for which he has recommended to the countries of the continent to “prepare for a fourth wave.”

Another issue that has been discussed has been that of vaccines: only 4.9% of the African population has the complete guideline against COVID-19, according to Moeti, “hundreds of millions of people are still in a situation of vulnerability to serious illness and death “, he assured.

Finally, he has asked “rich countries”, “most of which have vaccinated two-thirds of their populations”, to “share a significant number of doses of the vaccines against COVID-19, better now than the year coming”.

In total, 8,404,534 cases and 214,435 deaths from coronavirus have been confirmed on the African continent, according to data managed by the WHO. South Africa is the country with the most infections, with 2.9 million and approximately 88,500 deaths.

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