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OnlyFans: CEO and founder of the platform resigns | Digital Trends Spanish

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OnlyFans is going through some high-level changes. This is because founder Tim Stokely resigned from his CEO position and put Ami Gan, the platform’s chief communications officer, in his place.

As reported in BloombergIt was Tim Stokely who decided to step aside; From now on he will be an advisor and Ami Gan will take over all the operations of the company. This appointment is also a bit curious, since the new CEO joined the company in 2020, but apparently she worked closely with the founder and knows very well how the company operates.

In an official statement, Ami Gan assured that his priority from now on is to make OnlyFans “the safest social media platform in the world.”

The change in the leadership of OnlyFans comes just months after one of the great controversies that occurred within the platform. In June of this year they announced a change of course and said they would ban explicit sexual content; According to the company, it was due to pressure from banks and companies that handle payments.

However, shortly afterwards they changed their minds and warned that everything would continue as before, presumably because the problems with the payment companies had been solved. They also released OFTV, an application for Android and iOS focused only on content suitable for all audiences.

OnlyFans was also under scrutiny because, according to a BBC investigation, it allowed illegal content on its platform by pushing the boundaries of pornography. According to the report, if the accounts that published this content had a lot of followers (and therefore, they reported a lot of profits), it was allowed to pass; On the other hand, if they were small accounts, these were eliminated without delay.

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