Sunday, September 19

OnlyFans changes course and bans pornographic content | Digital Trends Spanish

The launch of an application without adult content was only the first step in an even more radical measure: from October 1, OnlyFans will also ban all explicit pornographic content within its platform.

Through a statement, the company announced the decision as a way to “comply with the requests of our payment means partners” and also with the objective of “ensuring the long-term sustainability of the platform” and to make the entire community feel welcome and welcomed within OnlyFans.

“We must evolve our own guidelines for conduct,” OnlyFans assured Variety.


The announcement did not provide further details about how this change will be carried out, although the company assures that they will give all kinds of support and support to those who publish content on the platform. In particular, nudity will continue to be allowed, but as long as it “is consistent with our acceptable use policy,” OnlyFans assures.

The truth is that these changes raise some doubts regarding the future of OnlyFans, which recently – and especially during the pandemic – earned, with good reason or not, the fame of being a platform for porn content that can be accessed only by payment

In addition, it allowed the creators of this type of content to publish material that is banned on other platforms and social networks, such as Instagram or similar.

The move is risky, not only because it could affect OnlyFans’ business, but also that of many content creators who make huge profits from the platform. In addition, the announcement of the new rules comes just over a month before the deadline, which will generate more than one problem for its users.

It will be interesting to see what happens to OnlyFans after October.

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