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OnlyFans faces a serious accusation of bribery and conspiracy | Digital Trends Spanish

According to an article in the BBCOnlyFans is accused of conspiring to blacklist the social media accounts of content creators working for rival platforms.

According to the English media, OnlyFans ordered a specialized company to disable the artists’ accounts by adding their content to a terrorism database.

In fact, representatives of OnlyFans even paid bribes to employees of this unidentified company to carry out said action.

One of the rivals of this platform, FanCentro, initiated legal action in the United States against Leonid Radvinsky, owner of OnlyFans, and Fenix ​​Internet, the company that receives the payments.

The lawsuit was filed in a Florida court in November, but had not been made public so far.

“FanCentro claims that the social media content of artists promoting rival OnlyFans websites was placed in an international database: the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT),” the BBC indicates.

“The database uses advanced technology to stop the spread of terrorist images by registering a unique digital signature for them known as ‘hashes’.”

According to the legal document, FanCentro believes the database was tampered with, causing social posts to be removed and creators’ accounts to be disabled, despite the fact that they did not contain any terrorism-related content.

Meanwhile, although OnlyFans has not issued a legal response to this lawsuit, a spokesperson said that the company was aware of these claims, which he described as “meritless.”

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