Monday, September 20

OnlyFans launches its application without adult content | Digital Trends Spanish

For some time now, OnlyFans has intensified its efforts to distinguish itself from the porn image that many have assigned to its platform.

Now it has materialized that desire by launching its official application for iOS and Android. This is OnlyFans TV (OFTV), which aims to become a space for the platform’s content creators.

In the app, the user will find everything, except adult content. In fact, this appears as one of the main features of the application that offers recipes, talks, training, sports, meditation among several other topics.

An article published in Bloomberg ensures that the application has more than 800 videos and that it will not charge for access to them, since the idea is that users can see content from their favorite creators. Among them, the application highlights Mia Khalifa and Bella Thorne.

“OFTV offers a super convenient way for fans to view content from their favorite creators,” says Tim Stokely, CEO of OnlyFans.

“There is no adult content on OFTV. As it is not monetized and there is no direct impact on creators’ earnings, we can be in the app store ”.

The new app, which is also available for Roku and Amazon Fire, also offers a series of exclusive interviews with the most popular content creators.

OnlyFans is one of the most popular platforms of its kind out there and currently has more than 130 million users every month.

Now, it is interesting to see how OnlyFans fares after this important turn it has taken.

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