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OnlyFans: the successful story of a soccer player expelled from her club | Digital Trends Spanish

Although it offers material from different fields, OnlyFans has recently become popular due to the large amount of adult content that it shares under subscription.

It is a trend that adds more and more customers and generates millions of dollars in income for those who produce this type of material.

OnlyFans has become so attractive to content creators that many have left their old jobs or turn to this platform after being laid off.

This is the case of Madelene Wright, who in January 2021 was fired from her club Charlton, belonging to the English women’s soccer league, for posting erotic videos on her social networks.

After a while without being able to find a new team, the 22-year-old decided to open an OnlyFans account.

Now, a year later, the woman acknowledges that this decision changed her life in a positive way.

“In the first year I made half a million pounds ($670,000). I can’t lie, it has changed my life completely,” said the former soccer player in an interview with The Sun.

On Wright’s profile, those who pay a $36 per month subscription can access exclusive content uploaded by her.

“When you weigh the pros and cons, and after doing it for a full year, I know I made the right decision. It was and still is a concern for me because I don’t want people to have that kind of perception about me”, explains the young woman.

“I have been able to travel the world and have enjoyed many luxurious things,” he adds.

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