Monday, July 26

Open the call for the III edition of the Deslambre Awards

The countdown to the III edition of the Deslambre Awards begins. From now until September 30, 2021, the call for the awards with which wants to recognize the committed work of journalism and civil society in the defense of human rights is open.

The Desalambre Awards seek to promote and applaud professional quality and personal dedication in one of the most transcendental news areas of our time. Journalism has followed the alert launched for decades by social organizations about the fundamental risks and challenges for our society. These awards want to recognize that effort to keep the focus on what is important and on the stories of the most vulnerable.

In turn, wants to contribute to the development of the third sector, give visibility to its projects and recognize the work of those organizations that defend causes of public and general interest: development cooperation, childcare, rights of migrants, the defense of the environment or universal access to essential services such as education or health, especially in a time as complex as the one we are experiencing due to the coronavirus crisis.

Works published between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021 may be presented in any professional media in Spain. The required documentation will be requested through the registration form that you will find on the website of the III edition of the Desalambre Awards, where the announcement of the selection of award-winning works will also be made.

Desalambre is the specialized publication on human rights of, awarded for its intense coverage of all dimensions of the migratory phenomenon and a meeting point for those interested in international cooperation policies.

The Deslambre Awards award six awards divided into two different categories: Activism and NGO and Journalism. On the one hand, the work of people and social organizations that, from rigor and honesty, make a difference and are decisive in social transformation will be recognized. And on the other, it will try to promote quality journalistic work with a human rights approach. In the Journalism categories, each of the awarded works will also be endowed with 1,000 euros.

The categories are, in the field of journalism:

  • Deslambre Award for the best chronicle or written report.
  • Deslambre Award for the best graphic or multimedia work.
  • Deslambre Award for perseverance, an award designed to applaud tenacity and commitment in the journalistic routine.

The categories at the NGO level are:

  • Deslambre Award for the best NGO campaign.
  • Deslambre Award for the best documentation and research work of an NGO, with which it is intended to recognize the work of NGOs when it comes to making reports that journalists then use as fundamental raw material.
  • Deslambre Award for activism in defense of human rights, an individual award to a person who has stood out for their work during the year.

For more information about the presentation of candidatures, consult the website of the Deslambre Awards.

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