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Operation and Product Focus: CoinEx’s global expansion over the past 4 years

CoinEx celebrated its 4th anniversary in December 2021 and has received heartfelt blessings from cryptocurrency industry partners around the world in light of its diverse product range and global operating strategy, which attracted crowds of users of cryptoactives.

Having experienced broad growth in 2018, the alternation of high and low market in 2020, and a return to value in 2021, CoinEx has optimized its products for global markets over the past four years.

CoinEx global presence with worldwide support

The solid globalization strategy of CoinEx started in 2017, when the brokerage was created.

supported by a multi-crypto trading system open to all cryptocurrency users, the exchange now offers 15 language support, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese, which accelerated the connection between the CoinEx ecosystem and global markets.

At a time when most cryptoactive brokers were looking for broad growth, with an absolute focus on profits and user traffic, CoinEx has gained a firm foothold in the global crypto market thanks to its globalization strategy.

Over four years of dedication, the exchange offered secure and reliable cryptocurrency services to millions of users in over 100 countries and regions.

On its 4th anniversary, CoinEx received support from ambassadors and platform partners from regions such as Japan, Taiwan, Turkey and Russia, reflecting its remarkable achievement in building a global presence.

Diversified operations in building a global product-centric trading ecosystem

Over the past four years, CoinEx has remained committed to a global operating strategy. To better engage in diverse competition, it strategically updated its products, staff, and other important aspects of the operation.

  • Forging a value-based bridge to bring global investors together

In 2018, CoinEx introduced the innovative CET token to strengthen its trading ecosystem, through which a value-based bridge was built, allowing crypto-active investors to open up a new continent in the financial world — diversified investment portfolios.

Taking inspiration from the area of ​​financial derivatives, CoinEx explored the potential demands and improved its products. Growing from the most basic spot trading function, the exchange’s product scope now covers margin trading, perpetual contracts, financial products, decentralized trading and fiat currency deposits.

This allows CoinEx to build a diverse product range that offers full cryptocurrency services.

  • Seeking refined and nation-specific operations through the CoinEx Ambassador Program

While improving its product family, CoinEx brought together professional marketing and promotion teams that cater to different national realities, through the CoinEx Ambassador Program, to ensure refined and country-specific operations.

Through top-notch products, along with incentives, the CoinEx fully engages users with its trading ecosystem and expanded its limits.

Through four years of optimization, CoinEx has achieved the transition from an extensive globalization strategy to a more refined globalization approach, becoming one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges.

With a proactive ecosystem roadmap, CoinEx aims to lead the next Golden Decade

Looking back over the past four years in the world of cryptocurrencies, when exchanges accelerated their development, CoinEx also witnessed drastic changes, passing from a crypto exchange to a global ecosystem alliance which incorporates mining pool, venture capital, portfolio, public network, and cryptoactive applications.

  • Enabling the CoinEx Ecosystem Global Alliance through CSC

CoinEx is backed by trusted brand endorsement ViaBTC Pool, as well as working with ViaWallet to provide secure and stable asset-related services and fix the failure of centralized brokers (CEX) through OneSwap, an on-chain trading platform.

Through cooperation with ViaBTC Capital, CoinEx also strives to identify exceptional crypto projects.

Over these four years, the exchange has captured every trend in the cryptocurrency industry and engaged in constant interactions, relying on its market insights.

For example, with a focus on transactions, it built CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), a public network created to promote CoinEx’s product plans and operations.

In addition, the exchange has also created a CET token-driven global ecosystem alliance that will allow users to benefit from a wide range of products and services using CET beyond national and regional borders.

CoinEx pursues its globalization strategy with relentless efforts

Over the past four years, CoinEx has pursued a “globalized development” strategy. In order to achieve zero security breaches and maximum user experience, the exchange remained committed to the innovation driven growth with the product layout, operation and ecosystem.

The support of CoinEx partners in the cryptocurrency industry around the world, on its 4th anniversary, demonstrates global recognition of the exchange’s hard work along this path, and marks a temporary victory for CoinEx in building a global presence.

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