Saturday, September 25

Operation Freedom for Men

International consternation at the sudden rise to power of the Fundamentalist Movement, characterized by a literal interpretation of The Book. Although its leaders promise to respect “some rights”, there are fears for the consequences that the insurrection could have for the male population. The fierceness with which the Movement limits the freedom of men is known, even prohibiting them from leaving the house if they are not escorted by a woman.

The “partially democratic” will expressed by the Movement contrasts with its first measure: the suspension of male education from the age of eight. Throughout the country there were dramatic scenes in which male children, accompanied by their mothers, said goodbye to their classmates and teachers at the doors of the schools.

In just one day, the men have disappeared from the streets. Also from the screens. Only the most famous presenter on public television resists in his position, although it is unknown for how long. The star, whose face could be seen until yesterday on numerous billboards, has appeared on the air with his body entirely covered by the Pudorosa Garment.

Something similar has happened with professional soccer teams, which have abruptly interrupted preseason training. The Regime prohibits all kinds of men’s sports, as well as the presence of men in sporting events.

One of the country’s best-known figurative artists, whose work deserved a retrospective at MoMA, has seen his paintings go up in flames. Under the Regime, men cannot represent human or animal forms as it is considered an affront to The Book. Violation of this precept is punishable by sentences ranging from 100 lashes to capital punishment.

“It is inconceivable that, in the XXI century, a country represses half its population.” These are the words of the UN Secretary General, who has stressed that his organization will not tolerate that men are marginalized in any part of the world. “We will not stand idly by while men suffer just because they are men,” he declared after making public a harsh package of diplomatic, economic and warlike measures for immediate application. “We are simply not going to allow it.”

The White House, for its part, has announced a broad military deployment throughout the Region. The operation, baptized Freedom for Men and endowed with 60,000 million dollars, aims to overthrow the Regime in a maximum period of one week. In the words of the President of the United States: “If men don’t protect each other, who is going to do it?”